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Carnivore in Their Finest Form - 81%

DeadAlive, October 10th, 2006

Sadly, Type O Negative has overshadowed Peter Steele's previous project from the 80s, Carnivore. Anybody who enjoys thrash or crossover music needs to listen to "Carnivore" by Carnivore. It is simply a must. The speed that is oh-so contrary to the tempos put forth by Type O and the anger- oh my, the anger. The lyrics are the most innovative and creative of almost any band out there, and all the while the listener can almost laugh their ass off while headbanging for their life.

Almost every song on this album is a classic. The true highlights, though, are Predator, Carnivore, Male Supremacy, God is Dead and World Wars III & IV. Predator is a pummeling paced speed metal masterpiece about cannibalism while Carnivore is a bit slower, but more lewd- describing the joys of performing oral sex on females. Male Supremacy and World Wars II & IV are probably the most prominantly powerful peices on the album. They display masterful song writing, use time changes extremely well and the flow is almost perfect.

The musicianship is interesting because you get a feeling that says "wow" from it, but at the same time you can recognize that they are certainly not among the kings of their crafts. They have the feel of a punk band, but they play tight like a thrash band. Again, if you enjoy crossover music- you need this album.