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Their Debut Is Still Their Best! - 96%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 10th, 2008

Any thrash metal fan should love Carnivore and any Type O Negative one should hate Carnivore but the point is that everybody should know Carnivore! Back in 1985 those crazy guys, guided by the violent Pete Steele released their great debut. They were so obsessed by nuclear warfare and disasters, by male power and technology at the point of considering themselves as warriors from a devastated future.

We must say that anyway, the ironical component was essential in their lyrics, that were voluntary exaggerated. Few metalheads understood this thing butmany began to take them seriously. You can love or hate this group but you can’t stay indifferent listening to their music. Their live shows are really a mess with blood bins thrown on the public, pieces of meat, bones and so on.

Their abilities in mixing a lot of genres (speed, thrash, doom, epic, punk and hardcore) is a trademark known everywhere and all these things are present in perfect doses in this great debut. “Predator” already shows us the group’s most aggressive part while the title track is full of female vagitus and speed restarts.

But only with the third track “Male Supremacy” we can really reach the top in songwriting and irony. The start has an hard rock flavour while going on the intensity grows and the refrain is made to be shouted to death. The acoustic break after a series of raw up tempo is fucking great: totally out of the blue, terrific with the baritone vocals by Pete, describing a sex affair…with “Armageddon” the doom parts are well balanced with speed ones and the great, profound, raw vocals.

“God Is Dead” features non sense refrain with semi samba breaks! With the following, awesome “Thermonuclear Warrior” and the punkish – thrashy “World Wars III & IV” we reach the top again. This is total madness with great screamed vocals, orgiastic riffage and apocalyptic atmosphere…and check out the lyrics! Fucking awesome!!!

All in all, this is a great album. The following “Retaliation” would have been more punk and less original, so if you want to listen to their real masterpiece you must own this one.