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Satisfactory - 40%

Slasher666, November 22nd, 2011

When I reviewed Carnifex's previous installment, "Hell Chose Me", I thought I wouldn't even bother to review the next one because, let's face it, the band as a whole was a disappointment. Why? They have the power, strength, and speed, but carelessly toss it away in a really bad genre. Months later after I reviewed "Hell...", I heard of this one known as "Until I Feel Nothing". I gave the title track a listen because I was very curious like I always am when it comes to music. I wanted the band to fail just as much as they did on the last album and that was the one thing I anticipated the most. When the music came in, I was totally surprised by the sound on this album. The guitars sound better as they have some edge. The bass is inaudible and if it weren't then there'd be a problem. The drums sound okay because they display talent, but they don't pack a punch into the music because it's kind of dull, just like the vocals.

The main thing on this that I found surprising was that the amount of breakdowns have been reduced! Can this be? Surely I'm mistaken? Let me tell you guys something, it's true. I'll hand it to the band. They've come up with some good riffs and rhythms and even the drums sound better than last time. The only problem I have with Carnifex is that they keep doing the same old material and eventually you just want to take this album out of your stereo and switch to another. Basically, this album isn't enough to prevent boredom and that's the bottom line. Deathcore isn't my favourite genre of all time and that's why I have to deduct the percentage on this as well. Some things on this piece are creative and full of insight while on the other hand things just get boring. Who knows, maybe they'll transfer to death metal one of these days (a guy can dream). On the bright side, they didn't sound like a complete joke. Comparing this album to the previous one, "Hell Chose Me" was like a Weird Al album than anything else. You could clearly see that the band wasn't taking metal seriously enough as a whole. Even this album isn't 100% serious either, and to some listeners they'll feel some sort of overproduction or that the band is trying too hard to appease their audience and also to expand it. As far as I'm concerned, any Carnifex fan will buy this instantly whereas some death metal fans will not. This album is a matter of taste. For instance, I'd never buy this album in a million years, but I acknowledge the fact that they've actually put effort into it this time. This is an improvement, but not a masterpiece.