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2007 MySpace called, they want you to stay there - 5%

drummingnerd99, March 19th, 2017

Deathcore is a genre that I absolutely hate for the most part. Aside from old Suicide Silence (before the Tee-hee's became a thing), Whitechapel, and Thy Art Is Murder, most deathcore is the SAME chug chug, breakdown, chug chug, highs mixed with some gutturals that feel out of place, and more breakdowns. Carnifex however, is one of the few bands that I actually really like that aren't really that original, but at the same time have their own unique style within the genre. Until I Feel Nothing is a good album with some original ideas being thrown into them from time to time, and also ACTUAL riffage is found on that album. So imagine my disappointment when I listened to this steaming pile of shit. (Fun fact: this was the first Carnifex album I bought and initially liked it too at first, until further listening)

The biggest con I have with this album, is that it's SO FUCKING GENERIC, Seriously, the first two songs on this album are the only "good" songs on this turd, and even then they're a good indication of what we're in for. This album has NO variety whatsoever. Those first two songs are the entire album (save for the instrumental track which is quite nice). Seriously, I'm not fucking joking, same structure, same riffs, and even the same drum beats. It really amazes me how much a band can regress within the course of 5 years since they released my personal favorite album from the boys, Until I Feel Nothing. I can't even review these damn songs because it's literally the SAME song over and over again. Seriously, the music on this album blows.

Another big con is how grating Scott Lewis' vocals on this album are. Say what you will about Carnifex, but Scott has a great voice. It's a nice mix between black metal and deathcore, and even some traditional death metal. So I don't know what the fuck went wrong on this album, because his voice sounds extremely worn out on this album. It's almost like he just did his vocals in one take and didn't even bother trying to see if he could do better. I'm all for a raw sounding performance, but as long as it's done right! And here it isn't, it just comes across as absolute slop to my ears honestly. Hell, even the lows don't sound good at all, and that's something I find shocking considering the talent Scott has.

Also, the production on this album sounds somewhat sterile, which doesn't help at all if you ask me. No clipping or compression to be found here, just something doesn't feel right here. It's almost as if the record could benefit from a bass boost, because even the guitars have a weird blending effect going on from to time, which gives off somewhat of a clipping sound from time to time if you really listen to it. I could just be talking out of my ass, but who knows

In conclusion, Slow Death to me represents EVERYTHING wrong with deathcore. Piss poor vocals, repetitive song structures and instrumentation, and shoddy production. Ya know, it really amazes me how much Carnifex have regressed with this album. I really hope that they can get their shit together by the time it's time to make their next album, because this is almost as bad as the new Suicide Silence album, but at least this album doesn't sound like an outdated nĂ¼ metal album. It just sounds like an extremely out of date 2007 MySpace deathcore album/EP. And even then, I'd take 2007 MySpace deathcore over this turd.