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The Carnage Demos Part 1 of 2 - 68%

ThrashingMad, November 22nd, 2007

[Note: I do not actually own this demo. I have heard these tracks through the bonus tracks on Dark Recollections]

So this is Carnage's first demo and it is really weird to see where they started off. It is weird because the songs on this demo are of the dirty death/grind variety and sound very different from what the band would go on to do later in their career. It is pretty good despite being very short and having some production problems.

While this demo is good it is definitely flawed. The main flaws come with the production. Now of course it is expected for a band's first demo to not have the best production, but this is worse than most. The guitars sound very fuzzy and they make the riffs much less coherent than they should be. Some of the riffs are reduced to complete noise because of this. Also for some reason the band puts some odd effects on the vocals at times. It makes the vocals extremely deep and guttural, and it just doesn't sound good. So besides these problems with the production there really isn't much wrong with the demo.

Like I stated before, this demo would fit under the category of death/grind. The songs frequently alternate between fast grinding and slower, sludgy sections. Despite being noisy the riffs are very good and at times oddly catchy. There aren’t any guitar solos in any of the songs but there are a few nice leads here and there. The vocals are pretty deep death growls and they sound good as well. There really aren’t any blatant flaws when it comes to the actual music. The demo length is very short; it’s only about 4:30 long. This takes little bit away from the recording because it doesn’t really give it time to sink in. But that’s not really a big problem more of just a minor irritant.

Overall this demo is pretty damn good. The guitar riffs are very good and so are the vocals. Production problems hold this demo back from being really good, but in the end it is still a good first effort.