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To The Roots Of REAL Swedish Death - 79%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 18th, 2008

The very first Carnage demo is a true brutal assault of early Swedish death metal, the one inspired to Nihilist with a full dose of early grindcore. The production is a low budget one and the sounds are quite chaotic. The band plays compact even if the members were very young at the time. The main inspirations were Repulsion (in the guitar sound and blast beats) and the early death metal movement.

“Crime Against Humanity” is the original version of the great “Gentle Exhuming” in Dark Recollection album. The start is on mid paced, obscure riffs while going on the grind influences come into the sound with several blast beats. The vocals are the worst part in this demo: they are too growly and “suffocated” by the music, with a strange, animal distortion.

“Aftermath” shows a pounding bass part followed by weird guitar lines. Truly obscure. Anyway here they don’t forget the up tempo and blast beats. “The Day Man Lost” maybe is the song that shows the most preponderant Swedish sound. This one is full of moshing up tempo and fucking great riffs.

Well, a good start, “ruined” partially by the poor production (normal) and some vocals. Anyway, this is a very important occasion to discover the roots of a genre that would have made lots of great albums. For die hard fans.