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...and the pure Swedish death metal arose... - 83%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 20th, 2008

Finally in this demo we can really appreciate the true death metal from Carnage. The songs are better structured and with a pure old school death metal songwriting. Here we can really find all the most important characteristics of this sound: chainsaw tuned down guitars, vocals ala Entombed and fucking good up tempo followed by rotten mid paced parts.

“Torn Apart” is great in this sense: check out the middle part where we have a mix of down tempo, odd guitar lines and hellish atmosphere. The production is far better than the previous demo, even being always underground; so the sounds are clearer and more powerful. The songs are also longer, in pure death metal style, without the grind influences followed in the past.

The use of some keys contributes in creating a really gloom sound, for example in the beginning to the “Infestation Of Evil” track that features great up tempo too. This is a ruly violent and rotten one. Another good thing are the solos: they are distorted and strange, voluntary incomplete. Also here we can find blast beats followed by down tempo and infernal atmospheres. The tempo changes are great.

All in all a very good demo, better recorded and produced, that shows a more mature approach with growing skills and personality. They left the path of grindcore to land in a new genre that would have become legendary few years after: Swedish death metal!

The Carnage Demos Part 2 of 2 - 83%

ThrashingMad, December 19th, 2007

[Note: I have heard these songs through the bonus tracks on the Dark Recollections re-release.]

It’s pretty odd to see how much Carnage's sound had changed in just one demo. It is also somewhat strange to witness their drastic increase in quality since "The Day Man Lost". This is the first demo which featured them playing their signature brand of Swedish death metal. This demo is also the first time they got it together and really started to excel. Now don't get me wrong TDML was pretty good, but this stuff is truly great.

The two songs on here would later be on Dark Recollections, and they are done just as well on this demo as they would be done on DR. All of the guitar riffs on both songs are superb. The band plays some very catchy melodic riffs that don’t lose any of their power despite being very ear-friendly. They counter these by also playing absolutely crushing, somewhat thrashy, death metal riffs that are just as satisfying. All of the riffs are nicely completed by the dirty guitar tone that the demo possesses.

The vocals aren’t really a standout quality but they’re pretty good. The vocalist uses a mid-range death growl that was pretty typical for the time. Unlike the first demo, the production on this is quite good. Everything comes in decently clear, the mix is virtually flawless, and, as I mentioned before, the guitar tone is very good.

There is really nothing bad I can say about this release. The songs are well-written and well produced, and the guitars riffs are absolutely killer. I guess the vocals could be better, but they’re good enough so I’m not complaining. This demo is one great piece of death metal and it is highly recommended to fans of the genre.