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Dull. - 40%

bobdahl, June 14th, 2010

For me, there's only one word to fully describe Tomorrow's Daylight, and that is "Dull". Midday Moon, which is Cardiant's debut album, is one of my favourite power metal albums. Yet TD is miles away from achieving any love from me, and I can blame that mostly on one thing.

The new singer! Erik Karhatsu can sing, I do admit that.. but he adds nothing characteristic to the band and its songs, and his performance is just adequate, nothing more. Janne Saksa on the first album was "only" a session singer, and even though he doesn't have a phenomenal voice either, he was a lot more interesting to listen to.

Also, the album itself has such little power compared to MM. I don't know if they wanted a more hard rock-like sound, but even then, this is below average. The title track is the only track i can really listen to, because the songwriting there is really good. But the vocals are so turning off. But hey, didn't these guys make a promo cd with the same name and same song with Tommi "Tuple" Salmela as vocalist? That's right!. And you know, even if that was just a promo, the song has a much better atmosphere and feels basically a LOT better than the final version. With Tommi singing on this album, then there could be a huge difference. Even Jarkko Mikkola, the vocalist before Erik, could make this really nice. Even with his awful english! But here we are, with a guy with mediocrity written all over him, taking the front.

Illusion game. This is also a song worth a listen, even though the keyboard playing and sounds are really uninspiring and a liability. It's the same for the whole album actually. It sucks, because MM had some bombastic moments and the keyboards played such a big part and were top notch. What happened? I mean, the new guy Marko is not bad at all, I heard that on the EP "Man behind the smile", and this lineup (excluding Erik) did very good then. Why not now? I just don't know.

Am I going to bash the new Cardiant forever? Well, no, there are some nice moments on the album. Not many at all, but it saves TD from being a lullaby due to its boring songs. Heck, the first seconds of "Yesterday to Come" are very nice, but then? Then we have a filler song where for some reason, some growls come in and makes me wonder why they did that at all. Anyway, the title track, as I said is a good track and in my view, the best here. Antti's guitar playing is still on the right track, but it's not good enough to save the album, a lot because of the not very interesting sound of the guitar. I think the only ones I can't be disappointed by are the skilled drummer and purpose-filling bassist. Maybe that can be explained by the fact that they are in the background all the time, except the first seconds of Yesterday to Come, where they gave the impression that something interesting would follow. But as we all know, nothing did, apart from the misplaced growls.

Okay, a summarization of Tomorrow's Daylight by Cardiant. I can't recommend this. Not even to a die hard fan. The songwriting exists, but the ideas are turning grey, and overall, the album sounds forced and uninspiring. Even if the instrumentals are good, I just have to have one listen to the opening track Royal Stranger of Midday Moon to realize how dull TD is in comparison. Illusion Game is the Royal stranger of this album (it's not the opening track though) and boy, is that a letdown. I really looked forward to hearing more from Cardiant, but if this is the music they are making hereon, then sign me off. I mean, pop songs like "Somehow"? That's no way to treat a fan. I know that after 4 years, Cardiant wants to release another album, but please, not this way. I was going to say that they could at least cut out the filler tracks, but then I was reminded that the whole album is a filler.

If you're curious about this album, then for god's sake, listen before you buy it.