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Solid Effort - 71%

TmacKG77, November 21st, 2008

I first came across this band when I heard one of their songs in a VA compilation, and my goodness did it blow me away. That song of course being "Already Known", and it happens to be on this release. Some of the most amazing vocals I had ever heard. It is not exactly the vocalist that really stands out here, but rather the production. In this song, and for most of the album, the vocals are clean, mid-range, and are toned to sound in a unique semi-distant way I had never heard before. They standout more than anything in this song, as is the case with the rest of the album, though this is not to say the instruments are lacking. The lead guitar is very prominent, featuring quite a few memorable solos, such as the ones in "Falconeye", which also includes solos from the keyboard player and even the bassist. The rest of the songs are listenable, featuring some memorable choruses in "Lost in the Thunder" and "Light n' Smoke".

There is no other band or album that I have heard that sounds like this. Thy Majestie's "Jeanne d'Arc" comes to mind as both albums focus more on mid-ranged vocals than anything else, but the unique production aimed here towards the vocals makes it stand apart from that album, and anything else.