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Reek of perfection! - 100%

Psychopathology, September 29th, 2008

This is it: the end all, be all Carcass release. In 1988 the band shat out that classic piece of filth, Reek of Putrefaction, but a year later the pathologists returned with some new tools in their belts.

From the get go, you'll realize something different from the predecessor; the production is brilliant. Guitars, percussion, and vocals are all audible and fantastic sounding.

The vocalists were in perfect stride here. Ken's pitchshifted sections are present, but not over used, Bill's ghoulish growns are just as effective as they were in the past, and Jeff vastly improved his highs.

All three members greatly improved instrumentally as well. The sloppiness of the depute is nowhere to be found, replaced with surgical precision. The guitar and bass work is much improved, but the most noticeable is Ken's drumming. He virtually reinvented his playing style this time around. The drums on Reek of Putrefaction were quite spastic and one dimensional, but Ken really got his technique down for this one. Variety is the operation here; we have slow grooves as well as fast but controlled blasts. Everybody really focused on the music here.

Bill's riffs here are the best of his career. All songs feel incredibly well crafted and full of ideas. Everything is in the right place and there for a reason. Nothing less than the best in the field.

This is undoubtedly my favorite album, undoubtedly the best goregrind album, and undoubtedly the best work of Carcass' masterful career.