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Snort the corpse; get high on the rot - 82%

SmellTheCarcass, November 22nd, 2003

I consider the Symphonies Of Sickness record the highest point of Carcass' career. It has everything a death metal fan could possibly want and more. The only thing that separates that amazing album and their debut is this demo.

Imagine what Symphonies Of Sickness would sound like with worse production and worse musicianship, That's Carcass' second demo for ya. If you own SoS, you don't really need this recording since it doesn't have any unreleased tracks, and it sounds worse. It sounds somewhat like a rehearsal, even. It's like the band just wanted to hear what they sound like, so they record a few songs.

The actual album sounds as clean as a Britney Spears record after this, so the production whores should skip this one. However, if you're curious about what the full length would sound like if it was done in a Reek Of Putrefaction vein, or if you want to fill in that gap between the two albums, look no further.