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It reeks... in a good way - 90%

toddles822, July 12th, 2008

Many of those who have gotten into Carcass's works probably (at least in my case, anyway) were first exposed to their later works such as Swansong. Imagine my surprise when I first came upon this album and what it beheld for me.

Being relatively new to the goregrind genre, it wasn't that groundbreaking to me, and the screwed-up production didn't help much. But after a few listens, the ugliness, rawness, and over distastefulness of the album drew me in.

The opener, "Genital Grinder", is a short, fairly simple metal instrumental that draws me in every time I hear it... then from there on it becomes a never-ending onslaught of sick chaos, coupled with poor production which makes it sound as though the band is in a bass-heavy prison cell with woofers all over the cell. This barrage of drums and bass makes the guitar riffs difficult to comprehend, but what one can make out are prototypical gore riffs at their best.

But the reason this album was so influential is oh-so-obvious upon listening... it's fast, chaotic, shocking, brutal and sick all at the same. It's 33 minutes that will, if you are a fan of goregrind, will leave you satisfied.