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The reek is good. - 82%

langstondrive, August 24th, 2004

Carcass' first full length feature comes in the form of "Reek of Putrefaction", and it shows Carcass utterly at their roots - a bona fide grind band. Delightful song titles greet us with each track (Genital Grinder and Vomited Anal Tract being my person favourites). Most of the songs begin in a calm fashion, with the instruments being easily identified. The issue arises however, when the drums begin blasting on top of the guitar, bass and dual vocal tracks, then it usually becomes a total wall of noise. However, the band remains tight, even in the midst of some of the shittiest production this side of Mayhem.

Genital Grinder opens up this slice of subatomic sludge in grind fashion, with a heavy as fuck riff plodding along with sewage drums of doom...(whatever that means). Then it's basically 30 minutes of gutteral vocals, lightning fast riffs and surprisingly melodic solo breaks. The lyrics are great, much better than their later stuff and evoke an image of a few young men flipping the pages of a medical dictionary in search of the most grotesque words possible.

Notable tracks include Carbonized Eyesockets, which has a more "together" feel than many of the other tracks, "Burnt to a Crisp", featuring very strange opening vocals and "Fermenting Innards", for having some excellent riffage going on. "Execreted Alive" has some additional nice riffage packed into it's short length along with some Demilich style vocals.

If you like Swansong/Heartwork and haven't heard any other Carcass, don't get this yet. Start with Necroticism, as this is probably the most different of their work, even more extreme than the slightly more deathy "Symphonies of Sickness".