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Stinking Grind - 100%

Yashka, August 9th, 2006

I only use 'stinking' in the most loving, fond, caring way. Never has an album title been so apt a description of the contents that lay therein. These songs sound like they were written during a stoned drinking binge, submerged in a drainage ditch, shotgunned to pieces, stuffed in a mortuary drawer and forgotten for a couple of weeks, finally buried, then exhumed (to consume teehee) three months later. Thats all a good thing in case you were wondering.

It's weird to hear musicians, in this case, Bill Steer revert musically. At first listen, his work on the 'Mentally Murdered' EP sounds epic compared to this. After repeatede listens it becomes aparent there is a surprising degree of sophistication in his playing. The presumed primitiveness of this record is more due to the production on this record rather than riffs. A close listening with headphones caused this to become apparent to me.

Something I noticed (or it could be imagined) about this album is that the production seems to improve as the album progresses. I imagine the band in some tiny styrofoam and egg-carton lined room recording the album live, with Paul Talbot adjusting the levels and fiddling with the knobs all the time the band is playing, finally stopping at arouns track 12 when the songs stop sounding like a talking asshole. Not that the intro song, Genital Grinder is without a charm and sludgy sensibility all its own.

One thing that finally convinced me of this albums genius and solidified it's jellied guts as a classic to me is the solos. They have names. Names that have something to do with the song it's in. For example, the solo in 'Excreted Alive' is called 'Pulsating Sphincter'. And I'll be damned if it doesn't sound like my own sphincter pulsating as it unleashes it's wrath on the world. To me that little gimmick, and it's not even a gimmick, but a novelty, just screams brilliance and is just another touch that makes this album a complete audio-visual extravaganza.

Everyone knows that this album is the blueprint for every good and every shitty goregrind band that followed blah blah, so all I can say is buy (NOT download) this album (with original gore artwork) or forever be a posing little BITCH.