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A dirty, dirty little album. - 82%

Shadespawn, April 7th, 2009

car·cass (kärks), noun

1. The dead body of an animal, especially one slaughtered for food.
2. The body of a human.
3. Remains from which the substance or character is gone: the carcass of a once glorious empire.
4. A framework or basic structure: the carcass of a burned-out building.

Carcass. A name that is seldom missed when it comes to old school Swedish/British grind and the beginnings in the melo-death scene in Sweden. Carcass started as Disattack playing hardcore punk at an early stage and as we all know, to those whom hardcore punk became too slack, founded the grindcore genre. Acts such as Napalm Death and Repulsion come to mind, but also Carcass, with their most disgusting debut of an album back in 88' "Reek of Putrefaction". And that debut surely lives up to its name in any and every way.

The basic formula for each song is a typical discharging aggression, as short and energetic as possible, with incredibly down tuned guitars. You can barely even hear them. Of course, the poor audibility of the guitars is a mixture between sloppyness, poor equipment and extremely low pitched guitars. You have some basic synthesized effects for a short solo here and there, but the fleshy structure remains the same. Punk style riffing, juiced up with some rock'n'roll with a nausea inducing vocal delivery as the cherry on top for all the sick people who actually enjoy this vile cacophony some people dare to call music. I know I do! The ultimate result of the terrible production is not only an overwhelming landslide of sonic mass, but also some really annoying audio feedback that is created. As this does not really disturb the overall enjoyment, but still is a lousy byproduct of something incredibly indecent, which is good... I think.

Now the really good part about grindcore aren't the yucky punk-influenced music, but the really good vocals. They have a great indifferent undertone to them, which is amazing. That Jeff Walker sounds like he doesn't give a damn about anything. Also seeing this guy live, spitting unintentionally while singing was very entertaining. If you like a really sloppy band, with great vocalists and gory, medical-themed lyrics, then this is the band for you! Avoid the band after 93' if you don't like the more melodic stuff, but this is material for another review, another time.

Conclusion: Highly recommended for every grindcore and old-school fan.