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Maggots and grubs bore into the mouldy remains - 80%

DeathFog, April 4th, 2004

This is where goregrind started. This album is still one of the most brutal and extreme releases ever to hit the ground. The great meaning of it meaning of it is evident – many bands tried to copy the sound and the manner the album is written in. Carcass were the first to introduce medical terms in songs, and to write anatomical, medical lyrics.
The songs on the album differ from each other; almost each of them has some catchy riffs or some memorable moments, many tempo and rhythm changes, changes in vocals. Music changes from ultra fast to simply fast paced and to mid paced, no slow numbers on this album. All this makes album non-monotonous and less boring then Symphonies of Sickness. Many tempo changes as there are, the fast and ultra fast tempos are the dominant.
Guitars are down tuned and heavily distorted (it is not Black Metal’s wall of noise, but still), riffs
below vocals tend to be alike in the most of songs. However, when no vocals, a wide variety of riffs can be observed.
Solos tend to appear randomly and to be rather chaotic. They are usually fast and lack any kind of melody so they sound rather “noisy”.
Bass is also down tuned and distorted like in Black Metal. Bass work on the album is very good – it is not drowned behind the guitars and drums, but can be clearly heard. In definite places bass takes the lead. Intros for two songs are also bass (Genital Grinder and Malignant Defecation).
Vocals, range from guttural growling to “crepation” and screaming. From time to time effects as pitch shifting and distortion are used. There are two vocalists in carcass so they sort of “duel” with each other (like Priest’s guitar duels, but in singing): one vocalist takes up growling and another takes “crepation”, screams and other vocal techniques of higher range.
Drums. Lightning-fast blastbeats, blastbeats and again blastbeats.The usage of bass drum is very good in here.
Lyrics on this album are full of anatomy, gore, rotting and of course maggots. In general they sound quite insane, because of the detailed way they are written in. And as I already mentioned they are filled with medical terms.
And now some words about production: it’s raw, dirty with dominating low frequencies but still all instruments are heard pretty well.
The Album’s Highlights include : Genital Grinder, Pyosisified (Rotten to the Gore), Feast on Dismembered Carnage, Splattered Cavities, Burnt to a Crisp, Oxidized Razor Masticator, Malignant Defecation.
Recommended as a prefect start into goregrind and grindcore in general.