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Innovators in Rawness - 80%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, April 29th, 2008

I’m sincere, I’ve never loved Carcass too much during their first period. I must say, anyway that this band was fucking ahead for the period, featuring music that was hard to understand and accept in the 80s panorama. Napalm Death invented the grindcore, but this band invented a new genre, even more brutal and gore: the gore grind. The lyrics were different from Terrorizer, Napalm Death and closer to the fathers of this genre: Repulsion.

The grindcore attitude and speed are brought in an another direction with plenty of growls and the lyrics are something unbelievable for vileness. They’re about pathology, surgery and body diseases in a mess of mutilations, wounds and infections. These guys were just sick. The music itself is not too various and is more focused on the blast beats with down tuned guitars and hyper growlish vocals.

Needless to say how groups like Repulsion and Carcass were innovators for a new music conception, nowadays brought by lots of bands in the whole world, especially in Poland and that part of Europe.
Let’s start from “Genital Grinder”: one of the highlights here that features morbid atmosphere and the unmistakable cold, chirurgic way of playing. There’s no mercy and the drums are heavy like a machete crushing the bones.

From now on, the band is always fast as a train with inhuman blast beats and hyper sick vocals. They are almost like animalistic groans. The few mid paced parts are something unbelievable for putridity and stench. There’s nothing left to say, also because it’s useless to describe the songs here: they are all a brutal mixture of grind madness and gore atmosphere.

All in all, this is not an easy album to listen to and it’s recommended to any lover of these sonorities out there. This is anyway a big influence for the modern gore grind groups that “infest” our panorama.