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Remaster this classic! - 75%

AzzMan, August 22nd, 2004

This review will be short. I called this album a classic because it is. However, you might seem sceptical with it getting only a mere 75.

That's because this motherfucker IS IN DIRE FUCKING GODDAMN NEED of being remastered. Music's all groovy (as compared to most grind), and has alot more catchy leads and fills, but it all sounds so horrible, it's like no budget was even used.

Now, maybe it won't be so short. The vocals are kind of brutal, and if you're a fan of new Carcas (ie only Swansong) you're gonna hate this. This is not the melodeath they sold out to. Not the melodic death that Heartwork was, nor the death of Necroticism. This is grind. Shorter songs, more brutal, but kind of.. funky.

Riffs sound clunky. Refuckingmaster. But once again, looking past that, it's awesome shit. The drumming is too, generally forming nicely tied in blastbeats, or popping in nice fills.

Ok, this review's pretty much over. Get it, because it's really great music. However, if they should remaster it at any time, it would definatly be in anyone's best interest to pick that up too, even if you own the old version.

PS: All Carcass artwork sucks.