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Their Best Effort - 90%

corviderrant, December 1st, 2005

Now this is where it all came together for me as far as Carcass went. From a noisy joke to a highly proficient band of tight and skilled musicians, this album showed them at their apex. It did not hurt at all that they'd added the mighty Michael Amott on guitar by now and his soulful, emotive style sits well alongside Bill's ever-developing (by leaps and bounds) abilities. Jeff Walker's vocals and bass work are at their best too, and Ken finally got his act together to propel the band along with ease, better than his obvious struggling to keep the best in the past.

The production is fantastic as well, featuring a clear and compressed sound that had by then become Colin Richardson's trademark. Even Jeff's woolly bass sound had been buffed a little more than before, with more definition. Though the drums do sound triggered, now that I think of it...or are they just heavily compressed? Anyway, it sounds great.

The songs actually have memorable parts, too! The breakdown during the solo section of "Corporeal Jigsore Quandary" (my fave song on display here), and the verses of "Impropagation" are just a couple of good examples of riffs that have stayed with me in the years since this came out. The samples that tie the album together are taken from various BBC medical programs and fit very well with Carcass' lyrical scheme. Altogether this is a very, very impressive display of musical muscle being comfortable bedfellows with brutality and the trademark sickness they'd become known for by now.

Before they lost their edge with "Heartwork", this is Carcass at their best, no two ways about it. It's all there, the production, the playing, the songs even. Easily my favorite album of theirs and the first one I reach for on average.