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Carcass' best effort! - 95%

alteredstate, February 9th, 2007

Ahh, Carcass, where would death metal be today without these UK grinders? They started off playing full on goregrind-pioneering the genre-and finished their careers as one of the leading bands of the new melodic death metal genre in the mid 90s. Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious, can be seen as the stepping stone between goregrind and melodic death metal. As a result, what we get here is the best of both worlds!
The songs on this album are finely crafted and very epic for Carcass. Songs like "Inpropagation" and "Pedigree Butchery" are both able to create atmosphere while retaining Carcass' brutality. The solos are amazing on this album. While not as virtuostic as the solos on Heartwork, they are still very technical, and very memorable. And since Michael Ammott joined Carcass from Carnage, there is now more emphasis on guitar than their previous albusm. Every song is PACKED with riffs and we see that Ammott and Steer make a great team as they trade off solos seamlessly. In fact, everyone on this album has stepped it up musically, as Ken Owen's drumming has improved drastically since Symphonies of Sickness and Jeff Walker's shriek becomes more effective on this album. Necroticism shows Carcass playing at their peak, and is a display of what death metal and grindcore is capable of. If there is one album you must buy from Carcass, this is it!