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Dr. Steer's last medical lunch with added relish! - 95%

Manchester_Devil, March 1st, 2005

This is Carcass’s final album in the doctors’ outfits before Bill Steer was haunted by Mick Harris and this time, the future member of Sweden’s Arch Enemy, guitarist Michael Amott joins them. Bill Steer finally has a guitar playmate to exchange solos with.

This is the stepping stone between the goregrind albums “Reek of Putrefaction” and “Symphonies of Sickness” and the melodic Death Metal albums “Heartwork” and the Firebird album in disguise that is “Swansong”. This contains elements from both stages of the band’s history such as the lyrics, double bass drumming and named solos, which are the spine of the goregrind albums and the more understandable vocals and traditional metal structure of the later albums.

Also, this is the height of the length of Carcass songs (ho, ho) as Carcass get braver in writing songs that go beyond the four minute mark and even go beyond the seven minute mark with “Forensic Clinicism/The Sanguine Article”

Michael Amott’s solos are the more melodic while Bill Steer’s is the heavier of the soloing duo and the lyrics are still tongue firmly in cheek (God only knows the carnage if goregrind bands were as serious as the infamous Black Metal scene in Norway).

Outside the soloing, both Steer and Amott prove to be quite the guitarists with the former playing out of his skin (ho, ho) and the latter slotting into place like a heart transplant. Ken Owen’s drumming can do no wrong and Jeff Walker’s vocals really doing the business as he and the band get stuck into their work. After Necroticism, Jeff, Bill, Ken and Mike hang up with white coats for good and decide to become charity workers… nah, they decide to go political when Mick Harris started chasing Bill Steer again, and Mike disappeared into the nearest men’s toilet (and vomited over someone’s pet dog).