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Carbonized - Recarbonized

Faster, weirder - 90%

Drowned, December 29th, 2005

This is the second demo from Sweden's Carbonized. It was actually released after the "No Canonization" EP came out, and in a way you could consider it a promo for the "For the Security" album. All of the material here is fresh and these songs were indeed later re-recorded for the LP, with the exception of "Two Faces". Musically, it's even more technical and aggressive than the previous stuff, as Carbonized continue to push the limits and go well beyond the traditional realms of death metal. With the departure of Matti Kärki, Jonas took over much of the vocals duties in addition to the guitarwork. His vocals are decent and get the job done, but they're no where near as mesmerizing as Matti's. The drummer is new as well, and he helps supply backing vocals in some of the songs. These vocals are terrible and extremely annoying, but at least they're used sparingly.

Production wise, a few things have changed since the recording of the 7". Sunlight is still the studio of choice, but somehow the sound is lacking in certain areas. The biggest difference is in the bass guitar. It was a force to be reckoned with on the vinyl release, but this time it's much more subtle and not nearly as thick in the mix. The recording levels are also rather low on the tape, at least on my copy. On the positive side, the production itself is more clear this time. The drums especially sound very streamlined and are much easier to follow.

After a jazzy instrumental intro, the demo offers four brief songs of technical death metal with a grindcore-like energy behind it. Blastbeats, double bass and polyrhythms are thrown around in an orgy of mechanical dissonance. The bass, although not as heavy, still has that funky "wandering" tone to it - notably in the breakdown midway through "For the Security". The guitarwork kicks ass, as Jonas assaults the listener with violent and memorable leads throughout each track. Occasionally, the riffs get extremely strange and experimental. For example, during the final moments of "The Monument" where feelings of panic and confusion enshroud your thoughts as the chaos unfolds.

This tape is worth hearing even if you already own "For the Security." The songs actually sound quite different on the demo, not to mention the fact that Jonas Deroueche left the band and Christofer Johnsson performed vocals on the LP. Carbonized continued with their unique brand of death metal on said debut but would later stray away from that sound and sink even deeper into weirdness with their last two releases.