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Breath-taking melodies... - 99%

zhay777, October 5th, 2012

Carach Angren is the band which proves that black metal is really art. They mix up classical music and black metal so masterfully that I even start to think that they follow footsteps of Beethoven and Bach, and even outdoes them at their own game.

When I heard their first album, 'Lammendam', I became an instant fan. And as a true fan, I couldn't stop waiting for their new material. Finally when this album got out, I bought it at once and in the dark night I turned it on... Then it all started: 'the seven grinned and seven horrible visions of war, one by one, captured my soul..."

'Where The Corpses Sink Forever' starts with opening track, ' An Ominous Recording'. It seems that they have tradition to start album with track which will evoke all the dark emotions from the deep of human soul. Track like this was in their both, previous albums, 'Het Spook van de Leiffartshof' from 'Lammendam' and 'Electronic Voice Phenomena' from 'Death Came Through A Phantom Ship'. It may seem like that they use same trick in all the albums, but every 'trick' is quietly different from each other and to be honest, without them their albums would partly lose attractiveness.

After the intro comes song 'Lingering In an Imprint Haunting'. The second tracks from the previous albums started with whole sound of guitars, drums and violins. Here this track has beautiful, yet sinister intro with violins. For me the best track in this album is 'The Funerary Dirge of a Violinist'. It is the longest too. This song express the atmosphere of WWII and it's powerful riffs make my soul tremble. About atmosphere: you will feel yourself in the Poland, at the front-line, somewhere in the middle of the song, where every instrument will numb and Ardek will play masterfully his 'breath-taking melodies'. Piano and violin will make you feel like soldier during the war, fighting for motherland and for your own life...

Every song here has something that gives them right to stand out of each other. You will never have right to think that every track here sounds the same, not for even a second. The guitar riffs are different, but still 'symphonic-blacky', drums became even faster, in comparison with previous albums. You will be able to hear more and more blast beats. Vocals were upgraded too. They made interesting mixture of rasp and growl. It makes their songs sound darker and more haunting...

What I don't like here is the outro of the last track, 'These Fields are Lurking (Seven Pairs of Demon Eyes)'. In previous albums, haunting melodies of violins were surrounded with guitars and drums. These last ones were repeating same riff, while violin was making 'ghosty' atmosphere. Here, violin sounds haunting as in previous albums, but problem is that no guitars or drums can be heard along with violin. Well, maybe with this step they move closer to the classical music, but this also makes the move far from black metal. Despite of this, they made interesting, soul-tearing cry in the end, which maybe will compensate guitars and drums.

Also you will here soul-decapitating bridge-track, which will move you on battlefield, where 'ghostly cavalry regiments ride the lands they'd once destroyed'. And, at last, I'm disappointed a little with the lyrics. In previous albums, they were singing about ghost stories, it became their image, but here they sing about tragedies from WWII. Well, this also satisfies me, but here is no concept, story starts in a song, and ends in that exact song. Every song has it's own story, they aren't connected to each other.

While listening, I feel that this album will never end. When the last track ends, the first one starts. Last track is connected to first track and this makes this album a circle. In the song, 'These Fields are Lurking (Seven Pairs of Demon Eyes)', lyrics are about an executioner, who left 'An Ominous Recording'. When the song ends and before the outro starts, there is a fragment from the first track. It brings listener desire to listen to this album again.

I can proudly say, that I'm happy with that release. I think that 'Where The Corpses Sink Forever', along with 'Grand Guignol - Book I' by Dark End are the best symphonic black metal album of 2012, and Carach Angren is the biggest gift to the symphonic black metal scene. Every self-respected fan of symphonic black metal should have this album. Love to this band will come by itself after the first listen. As was said above, this is not a ordinal black metal album, this is a piece of art. It deserves so much work to create something like this that a mortal man can't even imagine it, a mortal man can just sit and enjoy this superb album.