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The big BM letdown - 60%

the_flying_lamb, December 17th, 2013

Carach Angren is one of those bands I couldn't ever imagine letting me down, alongside with Dream Theater, Hollentho, Opeth, etc. Their "Lammendam" and "Death Came..." masterpieces where so amazingly well written, that I couldn't believe that their so intensely promoted "Where the Corpses Sink Forever" turned out so far away from my expectations. After so much waiting and checking their facebook profile waiting for the first song, I expected the album to be a glorious masterpiece.

I first listened to their new release while playing a FPS, since usually I really enjoy shooting stuff while having Carach Angren as background music. After the album was over, I realized nothing caught my hearing. Nothing at all, the album seemed extremely boring, uninteresting. So I listened it some more times, this time focusing solely on the music and lyrical concept. This time, I fell in love with "The Funerary Dirge of a Violinist", the song I still like most from the recording, while "Lingering in an Imprint Haunting" (which I had already listened prior to the release of the album) comes second in my preferences. The melancholic, beautiful violin lead backed by the blast beat is my favorite part of this album, but I found the tapped riff from "Lingering..." also attractive. The rest of the songs have nothing to draw my attention, so i simply take them as background music.

Musically, this album is poor; I tend to place it amongst their early 2004 and 2005 demos. It sounds as if it was written in a kind of "rush" to deliver the product on time, and it's the details that I miss. While it sounds as a combination between the demos and Lammendam or Death Came Through A Phantom Ship, it lacks the epic and bombastic orchestral compositions featured in their first two full length works. At times, the songs simply don't seem to fit with one another, and the riffs seem thrown and mixed in one single track. "Sir John", "Bitte Totet Mich" and "Little Hector" (especially the last of them) are poorly written, and make no impression whatsoever. Also, the quality of this recording is awful (as good as their demos).

Lyrically, the album is filled with senseless violence, suicides, murders, killings, suicides, deaths, killings again and suicides again. And to conclude, we end up with a wonderful tale about suicides. For a band that puts so much emphasis on the storytelling this is disappointing. When compared to the stories from the earlier recordings, these lyrics stand out as rubbish; they have nothing! I am sure that if you drink a shot of vodka every time somebody dies/kills self/kills someone, you are dead drunk before the 6th song. The only cool thing is the "vicious circle" concept, the intro and the outro converge into one another and the circle is unbreakable.

Overall, this album is NOT bad. It's fairly decent. If it hadn't been so anticipated and waited for, I'd have rated it a 7 or maybe 7,5, but since it was just a great letdown, I rate it a 6, since "The Funerary Dirge..." is one hell of a track! I recommend this album and still think it is ok, but nowhere near what I had been waiting for.