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And the inspiration goes on - 90%

lordazmolozmodial, June 20th, 2012

The symphonic black metal masters Carach Angren are back with a new distinguished cinematic black metal release, the series of tales that they have started in the year 2004 with the release of their first demo "The Chase Vault Tragedy" are still flooding out of their cinematic minds. I have been a fan for the Dutch group Carach Angren since the release of their EP album "Etherial Veiled Existence" and Iam still amazed of how the group kept their inspiration settled and stable for more than eight years, after the release of their debut album "Lammendam" I've been charmed by the landscapes that the band try to create with their extreme and fearsome tracks, and the skills remained constant with their second full-length album "Death Came Through A Phantom Ship", and now the band continues these series of tales with another seductive album.

The record "Where The Corpses Sink Forever" contains rival orchestral black metal sound, with theatrical lyrical theme and filmic environment that can without a doubt fill your minds and ears with epic authentic imaginations and transparent visions. The theatrical lyrical theme is about the atrocity of war (Probably the world war II), the intro open its orchestral arms with a voice of speaking guard that has to execute seven prisoners of war, all these seven prisoners narrate their own horrible story in the next seven tracks, and the last track combine all the tales together.

As the first tale "Lingering In an Imprint Haunting" starts, the black metal bullets will cut the surface of your brain, a total tragedy is captured within the orchestrations, the great efforts in the vocals made the whole story closer to reality, the choirs added more depth to the vision. The second tale "Bitte Totet Mich" has more aggressive drums work and more guitar tremolo shots, fast and dynamic crispy vocals tell a tale of a soldier tried many time to suicide, but he failed and the whole idea turned into a tragedy to be remembered. The third tale "The Funerary Dirge of a Violinist" is my favorite track in this record, the amount of skills that have been used in this track are unlimited, the double-bass work and the lead guitar shreds are sunk into the orchestral sound, where the rhythm guitar try to master the whole song, the grey solos and the dreamlike piano solo in this murderous track kept floating behind the vocals to make the whole vision real in front of your face.

The fourth tale "Sir John" started with some symphonic horns and double-bass line, the situation suddenly changed to a brutal black metal riff with vital lead guitar and rhythm guitar war, the track also contained a very sick story of a never ending hunger, every line in this story makes the whole track interesting. The fifth tale "Spectral Infantry Battalions" is a very short track "comparing to the other tracks", but actually its a provoking war track, freezing drumming and strong orchestrations, despite of its shortness I still believe that this track is one of the best performance for this band, and I noticed also that there are no guitar line in this track.

The sixth tale "General Nightmare" has a lot of horror and thrilling songwriting style, the harmonized black metal vocal lines have been blurred and mixed perfectly to create a real general nightmare. The seventh tale "Little Hector What Have You Done" is a five-minute orchestral black metal piece with a lot of blast-beats and raw guitar riffing, the crispy and the growling vocals kept the rhythm of the track alive for every section, in my point of view, this track is really insane to be in this record, but having it here just made this album flickering. The last track in this record "These Fields are Lurking" continued the same lunatic feeling of the previous track, but this time with more orchestral instruments and with more airy riffs, the cinematic feelings of these screamy orchestrations are getting more stable as the track get closer to its end, at the end of the track there is one of my best metal outros, a sound of a crying man and choirs, cellos and piano, one word to describe what I am hearing, its the word "Insanity".

Just for the record, this album hasnt reached its perfection for me because I couldn't hear vital bass guitar role, I expected to hear more bass guitar sounds especially when the rhythm guitar gets mute, so I guess the band should work on this thing for the upcoming releases. This is not a normal symphonic black metal record where the keyboards are taking over the whole atmosphere and where the vocals are limited, Carach Angren is an example of how to make a perfect and interesting record, with filmic and excellent production, if you are into any genre of extreme metal music then you have to get your copy of this record now, or else you suck!

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