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These Magnificent Tunes Are Like Silk For My Ears - 95%

cannibaleater, August 3rd, 2012

Carach Angren had already released a demo, an ep and two incredibly haunting and well-received full-length albums, but now after changing their record label from Maddening Media to Season of Mist, they have released yet another record.

Though that the production and the sound of Carach Angren hasn't dramatically changed, it does feel a little bit different, like maybe the guitar sound is a tiny bit less powerful. On the other hand, Namtar's drums and Ardek's orchestration don't lack any power. They actually sound stronger than on their previous album, Death Came Through A Phantom Ship. Overall, their isn't much to complain about regarding their production.

What did hit me after listening through this entire album was just how amazing everything fits each other, from the instrumental part on the fourth track to the actual riffs on Sir John. It just makes sense though that there are great differences in certain pieces in a song, and combined they work as magic.

Also, I really like it that they kept their conceptual album traditionally going. This time the album tells several stories of W.O 2, and as you can probably imagine Carach Angren is capable of writing some pretty twisted lyrics. Personally, I really enjoy the lyrics of Bitte Tötet Mich, which explains how a man tries to kill himself but fails multiple times, and Little Hector What Have You Done, which concerns just just sick and disgusting story that I'm not even going to explain.

The sphere on this record is what stuck out the most for me, not that it changed so much from their previous releases, but it just stayed on the same holy-crap factor and that's not easy to accomplish.

But now for the negative part. Though Carach Angren still wrote some nasty black metal riffs with drums and orchestration mixed with haunting symphonies. I can't seem to like the song General Nightmare, and that is very strange considering that I'm a great Carach Angren fan myself. The hooks of this song just aren't there for me. Also, the sphere just cuts off for only that particular song and the switching between singing English and French doesn't work out the way I'd want it to do. That, together with the repetitiveness of the fifth song, are the only bad things this album has to offer, because if you would like General Nightmare and Sir John, then I can't really see how you could possibly dislike this album.

All in all, I'd say that my high hopes for this album are fulfilled and that Carach Angren have a great couple of songs added to their discography. I'm already looking forward to the 4th full-length record.