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The hi-hat from hell - 20%

tastepolice, November 7th, 2018

This here is a prime example of shitty production obfuscating a decent release. I was listening to a moonblood rehearsal before I put this one on and it made moonblood seem like carach angren by comparison. Now ok, that is a bit of an exaggeration because all around the sound isn't that bad or unintelligible, as you can actually tell what is going on (unlike certain moonblood moments in fact) but most elements of the sound are downright shitty, no not raw, not in a good way, but simply shitty.

The first track is actually fine, introductory instrumental piece with keyboards, nothing groundbreaking but it sets the mood nicely and the sound is fine, even pleasant. Certainly made me look forward to the next, and only other track on this release, expecting some obscure and epic black metal song. And we arrive at the main offender, which is the programmed drums. They are tinnitus inducing and no matter how much you lower the volume they drill into your skull. Occassionally the drum machine will go into a spastic seizure akin to a fish out of water flapping around, there's no better way I can describe it. By the way I'm really torn on the subject as this clearly sounds like a drum machine and I refuse to believe that was an actual performance by a human being but then why would whoever programmed this do such a sloppy job. Truly this album creates a mysterious atmosphere but nothing is more mysterious than such questionable decisions during its creation. Then the vocals kick in and they sound like an imitation of the bastard offspring between a dog and a duck. I can totally get behind a more unconvential approach to suit the style of the music but this just misses the mark.However, he does redeem himself around 8 minutes into the track by producing some of the most demented screams I've ever heard.

In any case the actual music underneath this mess is not that bad as it does create a somber and dark atmosphere. Don't expect any amazing riffs as this is closer to ambient/dungeon synth music than real metal but it's not the most amateurish thing I've heard in my life. That said, considering how much of the sound is of truly poor quality, especially when burried under that drumming, it is hard to look past it. If they cleaned up some of the more problematic elements and worked a bit on the songwriting we could be looking at a very good release but for now this one gets a single star out of five and a pair of ear buds.