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11 Songs But Only 2 Riffs - 35%

grain_silo, October 16th, 2011

Well Chris Barnes is gone and incomes George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher. George is a great death metal singer for sure, but what the hell happened in the music writing department?! The first three Cannibal Corpse albums always had a hook that could pull you in and gut you. “The Bleeding” was less successful in doing this but had a few good hooks. When George joined, I think this band didn’t want to write awesome music anymore. I mean, when I listen to this I hear 4 or 5 different slight variations of 2 different riffs.

The different variations include: a fast, all over the place riff that usually has some chaotic drums behind it, a slower but heavier riff with some slow ride or hi-hat beat behind it, and that seems to be pretty much it. If you want to see what I mean, listen to the first two songs really close together. The only difference is, one uses blast beats and one uses the thrash beat. I mean, pretty much all I hear are these two variations and blast beats. These two variations sound heavy but oh my god do something different every once in a while. “Perverse Suffering” shows just how uninspired they can be with their writing. I mean, you have the fast riff, and then the slow riff, a lot of blast beats, but a pretty cool sounding part that doesn’t last nearly long enough, then the song is over. Add a few horribly timed but awesome screams from George and you pretty much have every song on here. “Disfigured” sounds pretty awesome, this song actually sounds like they might have taken some time to write some of these riffs. Still dangerously close to their “2 variations” formula but it has that “hook” that I love. “Bloodlands” is a slower number and another good one on here. “Puncture Wound Massacre” is another “2fer” and is almost completely useless. “Relentless Beating” has a really cool intro but turns into complete shit after the intro.

The sound could be a lot better on this album. The bass for one thing, it should be way louder. The thing I enjoy most about Cannibal Corpse is Alex Webster. This guy is amazing and well…if I can’t hear great songwriting anymore, I’d like to at least hear him play. It is there in the mix but not nearly loud enough. The guitars sound good but could be way heavier. The drums sound pretty good. Everything is loud and really crisp. George’s vocals are awesome. They are guttural and his screams sound painful.

Overall, this album is pretty bad. Cannibal Corpse simply ran out of ideas for this album and what you have hear is 2 riffs and a lot of blast beats. Kind of a shame coming from the same band that released “Tomb of the Mutilated”

Best tracks – “Disfigured”, “Bloodlands”, and honestly, I can’t think of another one.