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Vile - 56%

anamnasia, November 29th, 2004

This album is excellent if you just listen to the first four tracks, skip the next three, and then listen to the last four. Some adrenaline-pumping, complex sounding riffs here, especially in the last track, Monolith. The first four tracks show alot of diversity in speed, and level of complexity, indicating that the band has progressed since The Bleeding. Track 5, Bloodlands becomes a bit lacklustre, and really brings the momentum of the album down for me, and then you have track 6, which is a mickey mouse song under 2 minutes long and just plain corny, and then quite a good, unique instrumental for track 7, ending the lull for the middle three tracks. The listener's ears are then pummelled by the opening riff on track 8, Absolute Hatred, where the tune itself sounds like contempt and loathing. Each of these last four songs is classic in its own way, and the production is just right for the genre of music, except possibly regarding the vocals, where it just didn't sound as if Corpsegrinder had quite got it right. He didn't really sound guttural or hoarse enough, as he does on the following two albums, Gallery of Suicide and Bloodthirst. If you appreciate creative, unique, pounding death metal, you need to check out this album.