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Barnes > Corpsegrinder - 65%

Snxke, April 22nd, 2004

This musically talented but creatively flaccid record goes nowhere. "The Bleeding" showed a band that was trying to mix the US death-metal chaos into something that not only pummeled you, but something you would remember after you listen to it. Simply put, Vile blasts, beats and gores through the violent motions but in the end the record goes nowhere. Corpsegrinder isn't any better than Barnes as his growl/scream are typical. Maybe he has more diversity or a better range but I can't tell him apart from hundreds of vocalists. Barnes you at least notice. This CD is poorly composed, the vocal melodies go nowhere and it's just brutality for brutality's sake. I love speedy fills and playing as much as anyone, but it has to all build to a point. This CD couldn't be more pointless. This is well played and produced, but compared to anything going on in Europe at the time it's strictly second tier.