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When death metal goes beneath Slipknot - 1%

DaddyZeus67, March 29th, 2008

Sigh, apparently Cannibal Corpse is absolutely nothing without Chris Barnes... Because this is unarguably the most terrible Cannibal Corpse album ever produced. After Chris Barnes, the grandfather of brutal music, left the band, you could expect their next move with a new vocalist to be something actually interesting. Well, if you did, you were wrong. Chris Barnes was apparently the only creative man in the band and after he left these guys wouldn't be able to write a decent song even if their lives depended on it.

Now for the review:

"Devoured By Vermin" was actually the first song I heard from Cannibal Corpse. I thought it was a fucking good song, so I started doing more research for this band. When I later realized that they've had another singer before, I ended up with the conclusion that their earlier stuff with Chris Barnes was better, although I still liked both singers. And while I still liked the song "Devoured By Vermin", I decided to buy the album Vile. Well, I shouldn't have!

The song itself isn't musically that great at all. Drumming isn't anything special, the vocals sound pretty shit and the guitar riffs are a complete fucking JOKE. Seriously whenever I listen to this song I feel these guys in the band would just go with an attitude like "ok guys now we can't waste very much time on this song so when George does his long-ass scream, you all just play something fast and random, whatever the hell you can make up on the spot and hopefully no one will ever pay any attention to any of that shit going under George's awesome scream, right?". But regardless of all these flaws, I still liked the song "Devoured By Vermin". I actually thought it all fit in the song well.

So now we'll get the question: how come Vile is so bad then, even if "Devoured By Vermin" is a nice song? Well, it's simply because THE ENTIRE FUCKING ALBUM SOUNDS LIKE THAT. Exactly, 37 fucking minutes of the same slow, sloppy and uncreative drumming, the same shitty thoughtless guitar riffing and the same god awful gurgle vocals. This whole album is just plain terrible and it's really hard to believe that the same band that released the fucking "Tomb Of The Mutilated" has now gone as low as this.

Now let's put up some details about this album:

"Devoured by Vermin" starts with a 4-hit drum intro, then goes with blast beat (pretty slow one for death metal), weird guitar riffing and a long scream from Corpsegrinder. The vocals sound pretty awful compared to any other album with George Fisher. When he growls "normally", his voice cracks often to mid-high screaming, which gets quickly irritating as hell. Seriously, they make me want to fill my ears with gauze just so I wouldn't have to hear that god annoying crappy "growling". The high screams sound tolerable, and he can hold them for pretty long periods too, for example the starting scream in "Devoured By Vermin" holds for almost 10 seconds. But his growling on Vile is plain annoying and it sounds like he is trying to get choked in cum.

Move on, the guitar riffing lacks creativity a lot, and in fact sounds like what modern deathcore bands could create, seriously. These are for sure the shittiest Cannibal Corpse riffs ever. "Orgasm Through Torture" is an extreme example of this. The main riff has absolutely no sense behind it, and it sounds like utter shit. It only swaps from squeaky tit-carving pinch harmonic rape to another. All you can hear is completely random and nonsense wankery riffs with no actual melody, thought or proper technique in it. And the solos in this album? Terrible, just terrible. I remember hearing one great solo in The Bleeding album but this is just all full of scaleless and noisy shredding with horrible whammy bar abuse. The first half of the solo in Eaten From Inside is half decent but too bad the second half of it (as well as the rest of the song) just blow. I mean, what the fuck is this? Jack Owen played in this album, he can do much better!

The bass? Just following the shittyness of guitars, apart from a couple short bass solos you can find in this record. However, as talented as Alex Webster is, even he couldn't help the situation.

As for the drums, they suck too. Paul's blast beats are always slower than death metal usually, but in this album he's even worse. Like the guitar riffing, Paul also managed to lack creativity at his drumming. There isn't any actually interesting drum beats in this album, but he mainly repeats the same shit over and over again. Same blast beats, same fills, nothing creative. Just dull attempting at sounding "br00tal". And he's using the double bass way too little. In some songs, like "Disfigured" he's like the fucking AC/DC drummer. I'll give him props for decent drum work in the song "Mummified In Barbed Wire", but that's it. The drum work of this album in general is extremely shitty, even from such a lousy drummer as Paul.

To end this review, I'll say that this whole album sucks the fat one, and only the most die-hard Corpsegrinder fanboys should go even 4 feet closer to this album.

The best track of the CD would have to be Relentless Beating. Yup, that's right. There is no vocals, no solos, there's couple actually nice riffs in the middle and the whole thing only lasts for about 2 minutes. Therefore it is definitely the best song on Vile... though that really doesn't say much (hence the score). Then there's also Devoured By Vermin, Mummified In Barbed Wire and Puncture Wound Massacre that used to be my favorites in this album back in the day I still actually liked this CD. These 3 tracks are completely worthless to me but in Cannibal Corpse's standards they'd probably be good, incase that would make any CC fans happy.

For any true death metal fan this album is nothing but a 37 minutes long I.Q decreasing sleeping pill. A kind of suicide.