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Literal Torture - 50%

Slasher666, August 27th, 2012

What's there to say about this recent instalment that the legendary Cannibal Corpse has brought to the table? Considering this is their 11th release, I can honestly say after all these years that these metal dinosaurs can really conjure something here unlike other bands, and I'm not giving out any names (Metallica). Is it anything new, however? That's where I draw the line in the sand. It's something we've already heard before, to me this feels like "Evisceration Plague II", sure the sound is louder, powerful and there are some good riffs here and there, but putting that aside everything sounds the same.

I'm not kidding when everything feels and sounds the same: the guitars have that "drop D" tuning and that melancholic distortion, the drums play the same blast beats and Corpsegrinder... well he's just being himself. Everything lacks originality to the point where the song titles even start to suck, "Followed Home, Then Killed." I rest my case. Alex Webster is probably the only skilled musician on this album in my books, executes some awesome bass solos and whatnot. He has stepped his game up, why can't the rest of the band? There's no diversity. It's actually hard for Cannibal Corpse to BE diverse because everyone expects them to write the same ol' song and dance, you don't see them writing about life struggles or anything like that do you? This album is like a 12 year old that keeps repeating the same sentence over and over again to you until you answer it, "shut the fuck up! We get it already!"

I mean no disrespect to Pat O'Brien, for he is an excellent guitarist, but I must confess that he has disappointed me to the utmost extreme. You can't even comprehend what's being played, by both guitarists even! That (poorly executed) guitar wankery followed by the drum blast beats being played at the speed of light result in this failed abortion known as "Torture"...and rightfully so. The title alone describes what my ears (which endure a lot of metal music) have gone through and has wasted probably 40 minutes of my life. I give CC respect for conjuring up something good within these troubled times in the metal world (again, Metallica and their shit creativity) but this is just unbelievable and not in a good way. I recommend you invest your cash into their older work and if you see this just don't even think about buying it... unless you want your ears raped repeatedly.