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Cannibal Corpse deliver once again - 85%

The Clansman 95, November 9th, 2017

There are only a few bands capable of remaining consistent after nearly 30 years of career. American death metallers Cannibal Corpse are definitely among them. Not only the band's members are some of the most skilled musicians in death metal as a whole (think to the amazing skills of bassist Alex Webster, or the bone-crushing, furious vocals of George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, for example), they are also excellent songwriters. "Red Before Black" confirms Cannibal Corpse's status as one of the most relevant death metal bands of all time.

"Red Before Black" is nothing drastically different from Cannibal Corpse's previous works: the band just sticks to the same good old gory formula that made them famous, pleasing both fans and critics. This is the album everyone was expecting: downtuned, ominous and heavy riffs, thunderous growled vocals, gory lyrics, blast beats, the band's old-school, typical sound is perfectly recognizable, and although there is almost nothing really innovative or that we haven't heard before from the guys, the ingredients of the Cannibal Corpse recipe are so well-combined that the result is still fresh and tasty.

Most of the songs consist in fast-paced, relentless musical assaults that leave almost no rest to the listener; here and there, we have also slower and even heavier tracks (think to the first single extracted from the album, "Code of the Slashers"). The guitar duo O'Brien-Barret grinds riffs throughout the entire album, providing the typical Slayer-inspired solos all the fans of the band have come to love and appreciate; Corpsegrinder's performance is as consistent and powerful as ever; Paul Mazurkiewicz pounds the drums with the usual fury; there are also a couple of moments where Alex Webster's bass guitar shines too (think to "Scavenger Consuming Death" for example).

All in all, "Red Before Black" is nothing Cannibal Corpse hasn't done before; the fact is that the bands sounds so good and inspired even in 2017, that nobody will ever feel the need for something different than the same slaughterous, old school death metal they are famous for. Once again, Cannibal Corpse haven't failed the expectations, and have released another entertaining and consistent album.