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Hammer Smashing Good Time - 78%

lady_of_the_lake, July 31st, 2004

Hammer Smashed Face is overall a good single, but I found the covers to be more enjoyable than the title track itself. I personally find Corpsegrinders vocals to be more enjoyable then Chris Barnes, but the musicallity of the EP boosts its rating.

The first track, Hammer Smashed Face is a true audio assult. The begining of the song kicks off to an awesome start, with a catchy guitar riff and a short bass solo. The speed of this song is definetly a great addition to the overall mood. However, at about :39 a sort of redundant guitar melody kicks in and slows down the tempo of the song. I found the faster paced sections of the song to suit it better, but it switches around between the two a fair bit. All around good guitar, drums and bass work make this song rate 7.5/10.

The Exorist features decent vocals but a hooking melody which is pulled off by the guitar and bass. The ripping guitar solos are especially enjoyable. The drums keep a grinding fast pace throughout to add to the appeal of this song. My personal favorite off this EP. 9/10.

Zero The Hero intros with a shreaking guitar riff and proceeds to settle into a moderatly paced song. The vocals are decent once again but once again the guitars save the day for this song. Overall a pretty good song. 8/10.

Overall a good EP. The vocals left something to be desired, but suited the music for the most party. Excellent work by the guitars made this an enjoyable listen.