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First CC release I heard, and boy it was BAD!!! - 5%

Bathym, March 22nd, 2004

This could very well be the most useless mcd of all time!!! No, I'm not exaggerating!! The first track (the title track) is from their over-hyped "Tomb Of The Mutilated" album, though it's actually the best track on that album. But my god how un-listenable the production is!!! The bass sounds like a broken rubber band and overpowers everything (even distorted bass is better than this s**t), and the drums sound like garbage cans (even the bass-drums sound like click-pads were taped up to one). Vocals are inaudible and you can't understand one word of what Chris Barnes says anyway, though when he does the scream near the track's end you can hear it perfectly (learn how to mix vocals Mr. Burns)!!! The guitar sound is weak with a very poor quality (sounds like they used practice amps!!). The riffs and music are OK but nothing too special, I might've enjoyed this song if the instruments and production were better. The second and third tracks are cover songs, and they're TERRIBLE. At least the production is light years better (you can actually hear the vocals without turning the volume up to the maximum). First, they cover "The Exorcist" by POSSESSED, and butcher it beyond belief!!! I honestly must say they made the single worst cover song in history. Even the evil riff sounds GAY in this version!! The second cover is some BLACK SABBATH cover and it sounds utterly lame to say the last, almost like cock-rock!!!
It's no wonder I never liked CANNIBAL CORPSE, after hearing this drivel I found it hard to ever listen to anything by them...