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Hey, Cannibal Corpse fucking sucks! - 5%

DaddyZeus67, November 28th, 2008

Being the very worst death metal band in existence (also having the least talent in the death metal scene) and releasing the same album over and over ever since losing Chris Barnes from their vocalist/lyricist spot, Cannibal Corpse still keep on going and achieving success in the mainstream, hence gaining more and more idiotic fanbase all the time. Cannibal Corpse are unarguably the most over-rated and generic band in the genre and they should have split up already in 1996 before releasing that godawful album known as Vile.

Chris Barnes was the very spine of this band. He literally made Cannibal Corpse. He wrote the brutal lyrics Cannibal Corpse is known for. And his absence was easy to see when these guys started putting out more and more lame albums repeating the same formula again and again. Not only did they lose their brutality but they also lost their creativity as well. Every album after Vile has been exactly alike and repetitive as hell. Not a single album would be different to the previous one. It's like Morbid Angel without David Vincent. Or Metallica without Dave Mustaine. Mayhem without Euronymous, Slayer without Dave Lombardo, Cryptopsy without Lord Worm, Iron Maiden without Bruce Dickinson, Judas Priest without Rob Halford, Black Sabbath without Ozzy Osbourne... Cannibal Corpse without Chris Barnes is exactly the same thing. This is also why Six Feet Under is about 5 million times more metal than Cannibal Corpse can ever wish to be and there's simply no argument in that.

Now what we have right here is another lame album from this lame attempt at modern death metal a.k.a Cannibal Corpse. Gore Obsessed, released in 2002 yet is in no way special compared to any of their earlier albums with George Fisher (or any of their later ones either for that matter). At the time I was getting into Cannibal Corpse and tried to find their old albums I then found myself buying this CD among Vile since there wasn't Tomb Of The Mutilated for sale in that store. After some listens I started hating Vile with a huge passion and noticed that the same useless ideas can be found here on this album as well. Just like all Fisher era albums, this only includes couple decent songs and the rest are total fillers. Same shitty and in no way heavy or catchy riffs, same lame lyrics and same horrible drumming.

Pinch harmonic abuse is not fucking technique, someone should tell that to Cannibal Corps guitarists. Pat O'Brien is a sorry excuse for a death metal guitarist and as known, he came from the extremely fucking gay prog metal band Nevermore and that alone discredits him alot. Jack Owen is a complete homo too and his input here is just pathetic, although he does dominate in Deicide these days. Their solos fucking suck also. Cannibal Corpse solos sound like total shit and take absolutely no talent whatsoever because you know what? They never actually formulate any solos! They only make up random shreds on the spot of recording and put that for the solo of a song. This is what Cannibal Copse guitarists have done for all the 20 years they've been around. Hello, why do you think they always fuck up their guitar solos live? It's exactly because of this.

Fisher's vocals suck and he never changes. George Fisher sounds exactly the same in every single album he records. Only differences I can think of are in his Monstrosity era when his voice was rather old school and much more accessible than the annoying cum gurgling he would do later with Cannibal Corpse. So all he has done is change from generic death metal vocals to more generic DM vocals which he can't even perform with decipherable words. Oh now that's just great. Chris Barnes takes a different vocal sound for each album he records and he's always decipherable. Specially when you hear Barnes singing live, he articulates every word clearly whereas Fisher forgets his lyrics and just gurgles random. Barnes' deep gutturals also take much more effort than Fisher's weak gurgling shit. So this closes the never ending argument on who's the better vocalist, Chris Barnes destroys George Fisher. Any day.

On Vile album George's voice was completely unlistenable and in no way good. Fisher had just no power whatsoever and he had to try growling a bit higher resorting to extremely annoying and retarded gurgle sounds in the end of every damn sentence. At least he doesn't do those gay pitch gurgle growls in this album anymore, hence he has gone more "monotonous" sounding. But if you ask me, I much rather take monotone growls than those god awful mid-high pitches. I hate Fisher's voice but I still choose his performance on this album over the shit he did on Vile any fucking day. At least he has even an ounce of power in his voice now. Sure he still does those long ass high pitches as you could expect, in this album Fisher does over 10 seconds long screams in the songs "Hung And Bled" and "Mutation Of The Cadaver". His high pitches sound identical to all his previous albums with Cannibal Corpse (Vile, Gallery Of Suicide, Bloodthirst) but as said, I'm gad he doesn't do that extreme annoying mid-high pitched growling anymore. Now it's always either a low growl, regular growl or high pitch.

Then we have Paul Mazurkiewicz who totally sucks ass on drums. It's impossible to believe there's people who actually like his drumming, I mean Paul is the worst death metal drummer around! And no, I don't mind if the drummer in some band isn't the next Mike Fucking Mangini (hell, plenty of my favorite bands rely on rather simplistic drumming instead of super technical stuff) but seriously, when it comes to the fucking point when even I can do better, it's nothing but plain irritating. Paul is a fucking slow and sloppy ass pounder whose live performance is dwarfed even by Lars Ulrich, and that's no fucking joke there. Paul's blast beats are barely even 180 bpm when in death metal they should be like 220 bpm.

Gore Obsessed starts off with Savage Butchery, a song that is unusually good for Cannibal Corpse. Catchy parts can be found here with half decent riffs and George's rapid growls (the only good thing about George Fisher). Even Paul's terrible and slow ass pounding isn't a major issue in this song. In the verses you get "thrash beat" drumming and quite heavy riffing as well, not that horrible pinch harmonic abuse they usually put in about every post-1995 song but actually decent and somewhat even catchy death metal riffing. When the chorus kicks in the riffing however changes into the same uncreative and annoying shit you can usually expect from Cannibal Corpse. Paul also starts blast beating and as obvious, Paul's blast beats are way too slow and sloppy to be enjoyable. Paul ruins about every Cannibal Corpse song with his sloppy ass piece of shit pounding. I can tolerate it in their old thrashy stuff though when it's not even supposed to be so extremely fast and brutal, but in Cannibal Corpse's later albums where they try so hard to be modern death metal Paul just can't hold up the speed. He's not even nearly fast enough for the direction Cannibal Corpse took and that's exactly why Paul just ruins everything in their songs.

Anyway, after the decent song Savage Butchery ends, we get "Hatchet To The Head" which I admit to have its good sections but in general it's just a generic Cannibal Corpse song among others. Not really worth checking out if you feel the same way about this band as I do. Pit Of Zombies starts off with 4 tom hits and then goes right away with Paul's yet another slow blast beat and quite heavy riffing trying to drop you off your chair. Too bad the beginning riff gets boring really fast. It isn't more than just another shitty Cannibal Corpse riff you just can't headbang to. It's not catchy or rhythmic enough, it's just dull. And when you'd expect something cool to happen next, you'll get disappointed. The beat slows down and the song just gets more and more boring, although the next riff they take sounds quite good. But trying to add a fun-listen riff while slowing down the beat is just a kind of a combination that simply does not work. Adding vocals in that didn't help the situation either. For the chorus they would just play out the same thing as for the intro; blast beat and dull riff and then the slowing down shit. Same pattern with the verse is repeated again but after the second chorus ends, they slow down even more from the verse speed while changing the riffing more simplistic and "heavier" the same time. Yes people, it is what it sounds like. A fucking breakdown. Not in any way a good breakdown but just a pathetic and boring breakdown Cannibal Corpse use constantly in most of their songs (yes I know what I said: CC have breakdowns. And I will stand by it).

Then we'll get Dormant Bodies Bursting another surprisingly good sounding song like Savage Butchery was. Going first with blast beats and heaviness and then slowing down to quite an interesting little section where it starts building up to the speed again. Fisher repeats the title of the song first time low, then high and third time very high, apparently showing off his vocal range. The band is playing in mid-tempo when George starts singing "Dormant, bodies, bursting" first low, then the speed doubles when Fisher goes higher. At the third time there's already a blast beat in the background when Fisher screams the song title as high as he can. After that the song repeats the same stuff it began with and then ends. However, Dormant Bodies Bursting is now the second actually good song on Gore Obsessed. And unfortunately it's also the last. Rest of the album are filler tracks with nothing into them and its not even worth looking at those songs any more carefully in this review.

The intro for Sanded Faceless however is very good. It has a damn heavy main riff for CC standards and that getting combined with a blast beat is just what you need. Too bad only the beginning is good. Right when the verse starts Sanded Faceless turns into complete inane bullshit. There's absolutely no fucking point or thought in slowing down the beat like that and taking some piece of shit riff for the verse. Or that inane breakdown in the chorus. The song simply sucks apart from its intro.

Then the album finisher Grotesque is also something I need to mention here. Starting with a quite nice riff and proper drum beat this one actually got me interested. But once again, after this occasional good section they decided to ruin it all and turn their riffing into complete inanity. This next riff they take in this song is just another lame and dull Cannibal Corpse riff. The first verse which kicks in after enduring 15 seconds of that horrible riff isn't so special either. George doesn't do any of his special abilities (rapid fire lyrics) here and the riff in the background is not only generic and boring but also drowned under Fisher's vocals and Paul's drumming so you can barely hear any of the notes. This stuff will conquer the first minute of the song but in the second minute you'll hear once again something fairly rare in the modern Cannibal Corpse: a GOOD section! When about 1 minute and 10 seconds have gone the song slows down for a short period of an actually heavy section with George screaming "did I kill them?" in a memorable and quite interesting way, he repeats the words "did I kill" over and over in fast tempo by first growling it low for 3 times and then going high and even higher until releasing the word "them" in a high couple seconds long scream. This part only lasts 5 seconds but it is definitely a highlight and the best section of the whole song because it's not ruined by lousy riff work, weak vocals or Cannibal Corpse's lack of talent in general but it actually sounds brutal. The guitar solo Pat O'Brien plays here is shit (no surprise) but after that you'll get something better again: a bass solo! Alex Webster's part lasts about 24 seconds and he does some very good bass work there as expectable from an amazing bassist like him. After that you'll get a boring riff and a pathetic blast beat in support of it but there's still something good to hear out near the end: that 5 second song highlight section I mentioned just a moment ago appears again! Good thing there's at least something to keep you listening until the end. So what we got from this song now is 3 surprising moments that make this song almost worthwhile checking out. Intro riff, George's "did I kill them?" spotlight part and Webster's bass solo. Too bad everything else in the song is just shit. Boring and shit. As the whole band in general.

And the Metallica cover "No Remorse" (which can be found on the digipack version and the first pressing) is fucking terrible. Fisher's god awful scream attempts and gurgle vocals ruin everything in the song, not to mention that horrible guitar tone. Even the masterful main riff sounds like complete shit when played by Cannibal Corpse! Solos are all fucked up of course.

And now this pretty much sums up the whole album, the only good stuff in this album are the songs Savage Butchery and Dormant Bodies Bursting plus the 3 special sections in Grotesque and the intro in Sanded Faceless and then there was about 15 seconds of good stuff in Hung And Bled (I'm not talking about George's long "s00per @wzumez!11" scream here). That's it. The rest of the album sucks (this includes their god awful Metallica cover attempt too). There's not a single completely good song in this album. Only some decent sections. At the most 50% of a song is listenable and the rest is fucked up bullshit. Also, did I mention that the sound mix sucks complete shit? Drumming is only noisy and sloppy sounding and the guitar tone is terrible. This is lifelessly over-produced crap, yet the production is still too muddy and all the cuts are easily heard.

To sum things up, Cannibal Corpse is a down right dead dinosaur band and they suck by every stretch of imagination. They have no real talent, no passion, no originality and no potential at all. Their music has no meaning at all, the only thing Cannibal Corpse's stuff can be used for is straight headbanging. There's nothing more to their songs than just headbanging to their aggression, and even then it's only few certain songs catchy enough to bang to. No people, Cannibal Corpse are not true. Not for their genre or for themselves. Cannibal Corpse try so hard to play modern death metal but they epically fail at it. So they try to be something they are not... there is one word for this, which I believe to be "POSER"!

And not only do Cannibal Corpse completely suck themselves but what really concerns me is the fact that this band has been influential. By making piece of shit music like this Cannibal Corpse encourage thousands of other clone death metal bands to do the same shit. It's Cannibal Corpse's fault that modern death metal has gone so generic these days. Cannibal Corpse helped to spawn all these numbers of inane clone death metal bands and even the deathcore bands. And this kids, is the very reason why Cannibal Corpse is the ultimate abomination to all of death metal.

I will keep listening to their 4 first albums though when they had at least some meaning and talent in their music. I was also psyched about the new Centuries Of Torment DVD. But other than that...Cannibal Corpse are dead and fucking buried. Completely.

Never ever buy an album with George Fisher or Paul Mazurkiewicz in it.