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The touring titans of death metal - 91%

Witchripper, July 30th, 2012

Long standing death metal gargantuans Cannibal Corpse are no stranger to the metal lifestyle. Make a record, hit the road for a headliner tour, and if you play your cards right, play a few awesome festivals along the way. This DVD documents just that, as Cannibal Corpse tour in support of their 2009 release "Evisceration Plague", along with killer live footage shot in New Mexico and Nevada. In short, this is not just a cool watch if interested in seeing what happens during the normal touring cycle, but also an inside look at the fun and extremely entertaining world of Cannibal Corpse.

The strains of touring are clearly very strong, as it is visible the countless nights of no sleep and terrible jetlag are difficult to deal with, let alone play a gig with. But in true veteran fashion, the band always pull through and put on a great show. The European tour is quite possibly the toughest, as their tour bus cannot transport them to each location on time, leaving flying the only option. As stated, the constant travel and exhaustion do nothing to their live performance. All the live footage is incredible, and alone makes the DVD well worth the money.

The best part of the DVD is the off stage footage, which is both hilarious and informing at the same time. Bassist Alex Webster is both an intelligent and witty person, and all the one on one footage on him always brings a joke or two. The DVD also gives and insight to the band's love of tourism. In multiple parts, they travel to European countries with well known tourist landmarks, such as the Red Square in Moscow, Russia or a military prison in the tiny island of Malta. Of course, due to time restraints, they don't adventure every land they tour, but they do try.

In all, "Global Evisceration" is an incredibly entertaining DVD and is well worth the money as it is the time. There is no point where it is boring. The entire DVD is laden with the band's music and live footage, which gives way to awesome off stage footage. If not already done, check this DVD out. Especially if you like death metal.