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Where the band grew up musically! - 100%

grimdoom, October 4th, 2007

From some reason the people on Metal-Archives have a habit of blasting great albums. Perhaps it’s because the album in question doesn’t fit the mold of the bands prior releases, or perhaps they want said band/album to sound identical to everything else they’ve ever done. Whatever the reason, this is CC’s finest moment, and the beginning of their development as one of the better Death Metal bands around.

The first thing you experience is the far from standard album cover. This is a departure for CC as it doesn’t have their trademark zombie/monster, but rather it has a long hallway with “normal” people seeing where “real” people have either committed suicide or are in the process of. This is perhaps the bands most shocking to date.

The music on the other hand is even more shocking. While not their fastest work, over all the guitars are incredibly heavy and unexpectedly grind happy. The riffs from any song are presented with a bludgeoning and hate filled intensity. The few leads/solos that are there only add to the bitter rage that is the sound of this cd.

The bass and drums do they’re usual good job of following the guitars. There is nothing to noteworthy from either. The vocals on the other hand are a testament to the bands best career move, the firing of Chris Barnes. Corpsegrinder does an amazing job and shows why he out classes Barnes.

This is somewhat of an experimental album as we see CC’s first instrumental (hear ‘From Skin to Liquid) as well as a few slow songs. Take the title track for example, it’s the slowest thing the band has ever done. This is a tasteful track that starts slow and at the half way point hits the break neck speeds we’re familiar with.

This is a very mature album for a Gore/Death Metal band for a few reasons. First off, it’s brutal as hell, but yet refined; but while refined however, it’s still far from polished. The band (FINALLY) experiment with slower tempos and lay the ground work for their next 5+ releases. They also start to work with more technical riffs.

One cannot say enough about how good this recording is. The fact that so many reviews here are so unwarrantedly dismissive is criminal. This is the best thing the band has ever done.