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Not the best, but far from horrid - 79%

The_Emo_Hater, October 14th, 2009

Well....seems Gallery of Suicide gets alot of hate, and for different reasons I might add. Some say the production is shit, others point out that the songs themselves are boring and what have you, and many have called this the low point in the discograpy of Cannibal Corpse. While Gallery is far from the band's best (that honor goes to Bloodthirst), this is still a solid offering from Alex and company.

Alrighty then, the production. Okay, it's muddy sounding compared to say, Gore Obsessed or even some Barnes-era offerings. This was CC's first album without longtime producer Scott Burns and he had a signature sound of sorts, so yeah, it's gonna sound different. But the production fits, the riffs can be made out, the bass is clearly audible and the drums don't sound like trash cans a la St. Anger so I can live with that.

On to the songs. I'm not gonna do a track-by-track here so I'll just point out some of the highlights. "I Will Kill You" starts the disc off with some fade-in feedback before erupting into the typical fast-paced Cannibal Corpse opening track. Next song "Disposal of the Body" shows off Fisher's rapid fire vocal delivery before ending with a solo. I'm mentioning "Dismembered and Molested" only because the title and lyrics made me laugh my balls off the first time I heard it. Musically, it's a short (under 2 minutes as are "Disposal" and a yet to be discussed track) and fast cut (pun unintended) about cutting someone open and basically blowing your wad on their insides. Just makes your mouth water, huh? Time for pie.

"From Skin to Liquid". The highlight of Gallery, the second instrumental from Cannibal Corpse, and one of the best death metal instrumentals ever written. Yeah, there's only a few riffs, yeah, it's slower than jizz dribbling down a mirror, and yeah, it gets repetitive, but that's why it works. Cannibal Corpse had never written anything like this before and it sticks the fuck out amongst everything else on Gallery of Suicide. "Centuries of Torment" is probably the doomiest song on the album besides the instrumental but tends to get a little boring. The closing cut "Crushing the Despised" is the yet to be discussed track mentioned above. I like the riffs, the drumming is rapid and there's even a bass solo in there. So what's wrong with it? The songs is too short and feels incomplete. Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, and then it fades out. What the fuck? Ends the albums on a decent but unfulfilling note.

There's really no lowlights but some of the songs tends to just go through one ear, out the other. I've owned Gallery for ten years now and I still don't remember every riff from, say, "Every Bone Broken". Other than that and the fact that some of the songs feel unfinished, Gallery of Suicide is a worthy purchase for anyone into Cannibal Corpse, at least the Fisher-era stuff.