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Boooooring. - 72%

Snxke, June 2nd, 2004

Cannibal Corpse had a lot to prove after Vile. This CD was to prove that the record sales, billboard chart position, and media-attention were not just products of the fued/creative force of Chris Barnes but instead a reaction to a deeply improved product from the CC party. Sadly, this was not the case under any circumstances...

This CD is an relentless display of all-talent-no-creativity. The opening few songs show some great promise, but the overall nature of the CD is mindless and grinding. Who needs sixty minutes of terriblly composed blast-beats that contain no build, no ebb/flow and little attention to melody? "Gallery of Suicide" and a few others show a great attention to melody that the previous releases lacked and the vocals are qaulity (if not terribly typical) death metal grunts, but all in all this CD lacks anything unique, catchy or vibrant to add to the morass of death metal that is constantly being vomited to the marketplace.

The band on this release, seems to have cooked up some stellar artwork, yet also seems to have fallen asleep musically. Quick single note scale changes, blasting drums and increasinly tepid death metal lyrics hardly inspire the soul to go out and kill. This CD...actually...encourages me to go and take a nap, as most of the riffcraft has reduced is just that damned boring.

Cannibal Corpse were in creative freefall at this point, living on strong musicianship and a 'legacy of brutality' that would carry them through dull release after dull release until they vomited forth the power "The Wretched Spawn" album.

If you're a hardcore fan you probably have no other choice but to purchase this...if you aren't...well...don't even bother.