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Sentenced to make a (very) bad album... - 20%

PazuzuZlave, November 21st, 2005

What’s up with this, really? First of all, Cannibal Corpse have never been known for their mixing or production of their albums, but this has gone way over the line. As opener “I Will Kill You” enters, one begins to question if this really is the same band that put out quite violent sounding records, and made it sound really brutal. It’s as if they’ve gone for the subwoofer generation instead of thinking about the overall sound. Everything sounds blurry, and you can hardly make out what is going on. The mixing is ok, but it doesn’t save it from being badly produced.

Next, the song material is weak compared to their former outlettings. A few songs stand out, like “Sentenced to Burn” & “Headless”. The former mentioned is very simple, with its main riff driving it forward. It’s actually one of those songs which sound quite violent at times, and they made a killer video for it as well. “Headless” is worth mentioning for its weird structure, and different tempo style. Speaking of which, the drums sound identical on every track. This is, in my opinion, an issue that Cannibal Corpse have always had, but here it tends to be even more repetitive as almost every goddamn song is boring.

Maybe they thought they didn’t succeed so well with “Vile” that they just had to put something different out on the market after that one. In that case they made a huge mistake. Nevertheless, “Gallery of Suicide” reeks of noise instead of music, monotone tones instead of atmosphere and most importantly, ugliness instead of beauty. After this one, they got it right. It’s a shame that they ever released this when they could’ve released an E.P. based on Sentenced to burn instead.