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Revolting - 38%

GuntherTheUndying, October 22nd, 2006

It's only a matter of time before a great band puts out a poor record. Cannibal Corpse was able to dodge such bad luck by releasing five albums that received large amounts of positive feedback, but their streak had to end sometime. After the release of "Vile" in 1996, Cannibal Corpse went back into writing mode and recorded the most dreadful album of their career. After all those classic albums, Cannibal Corpse finally released "Gallery Of Suicide," an album that stinks as much as a rotting corpse.

If one object in our crazy world could relate to the music on "Gallery Of Suicide," it would be a knot. That's right folks, a knot. A knot is a piece of string that is just randomly put together; a knot doesn't having a starting point, nor does it have an end point, it's just a big mess, and that's exactly what "Gallery Of Suicide" sounds like. Most of the songs are composed of crazy death metal riffs, blastbeats, messed up vocal patterns, and the occasional solo. This unorthodox song writing style builds up to be a huge pile of shit. If one track demonstrates this the best, it's gotta be "Blood Drenched Execution." At about a minute and forty five seconds into the song, these horrendous random riffs and blastbeats come in and completely throw off the mood of the track. It seriously sounds like they decided to play a bunch of random notes and call it good.

A lot of the songs that are properly formatted are plagued with severe musical overkill. Once on riff starts, it doesn't change until the song finally ends. "Chambers Of Blood" is probably the most disappointing song on the album because of this. The riff sounds very different and original, but it gets really boring after being played countless times. "Disposal Of The Body," "Dismembered And Molested," and "Crushing The Despised" are boring tunes that were clearly made to add space to the album. Like "Chambers Of Blood," they all repeat until the end.

Despite some poor vocal patterns, George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher is able to have a decent vocal show. Corpsegrinder adds a lot to this poor album because of his spectacular vocals. Just like any Corpsegrinder album, his growls reach deep into the ground and add tons of energy to the music. His voice gets annoying on "Blood Drenched Execution" when he operates some high pitched vocals, but most of his growls are praiseworthy. Like I said before, some of his vocals are badly misplaced, but he does a nice job overall.

Aside from the many negative aspects of this album, there are a few moments of clarity that help soften the blow. "I Will Kill You" is a classic Cannibal Corpse track that has great riffs and striking vocals. "Sentenced To Burn" has some solid riffing and a great dueling solo. "From Skin To Liquid" is an interesting instrumental with a doomy, yet kind of technical riff; this riff repeats for a majority of the song, so it tends to get boring after a few listens, but it's still a fun track. These three tracks are the only passable moments on "Gallery Of Suicide."

Out of complete honesty, this album is simply revolting. Out of the entire Cannibal Corpse catalog, this one strikes me as their worst. Unless you love Cannibal Corpse, you shouldn't even think about buying this.

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