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The poster child of death metal - 20%

linkavitch, August 7th, 2009

Ok I’m just going to say it; Cannibal Corpse is the stereotypical poster child of death metal. Not even changing their sound even with the new vocalist, always playing it at a safe level with no real ideas getting evolved. Their whole overused lyrical approach for death metal has made not only them, but the genre, and metal in general a joke in the media, and in general people. This is why most people consider metalheads to be nothing more than dimwitted Neanderthals.

Well for the fact that I absolutely despise Chris Barnes its kind of pointless to review one of his era albums for it would get nothing higher than a five percent just out of pure spite. So with that being said I decided I would review one of the George Fisher era albums. And what better one to review than their latest offering Evisceration Plague. I might as well start with the good aspects of this album. Let’s see now, its fast, its loud, its brutal…well I guess it’s brutal. When it comes to brutal music its all about opinion, I mean I can name people who think Trivium to be brutal. For Cannibal Corpse however it’s all due to the fact that they play their music loud and fast, which is the way death metal should be. You don’t need any slow or groove bullshit in death metal.

Fast, loud music is part of the fundamentals of death metal. Then it would be the growled vocals and (maybe) the lyrics. For me personally when it comes to a vocalist for death metal I like deep growls, just not monotone like Barnes’. I also like if they can enunciate also, so I can understand what their saying instead of what sounds like some random grunting. Which Fisher can do both of pretty damn well. Fisher is basically the highlight of this band in my opinion. He knows what he’s doing and he knows how to do it. No random shrieks or shit vocals like what Barnes did during his era.

As I mention before, lyrics are important when it comes to music, even for death metal. It is pretty much a low blow when talking about lyrics on a death metal album, or Cannibal Corpse for that matter. When you talk to anyone who doesn’t listen to metal and tell them to describe death metal they would probably tell you its just loud noise with lyrics about rape and killing. Now the one before is inaccurate and the one after is kind of inaccurate also. It’s not that just because a band plays death metal that they automatically have to sing about killing and zombies and whatnot. They got bands that have done concept albums about the apocalypse (still involves death but bear with me), rebellion, even politics. The majority of the genre doesn’t however; the majority of bands mostly stick to killing, gore, torture and what not. This is what Cannibal Corpse has used for their entire career.

Song structure is rather basic, which isn’t really a problem until later in the album. After the first half of the album is done boredom kicks in and after the first half of the songs you can basically figure out how the rest of the song is going to go. Now the songs are generally coherent, no major tempo changes from verse to bridge or anything like that. Guitars are what you would expect, palm mutes and whatnot. Bass is audible which I always consider to be a positive. Worst musician on this album to me is Paul Mazurkiewicz. Its not that he’s talentless, he just draws too much attention to himself. He spends a lot of time hitting the cymbals, and towards the end of the album (final three songs) he decides to start focusing all the attention on the snare drum which sounds kind of wet, due to production reasons I would believe.

So the production is a little weak on the drums but for everything else it’s what you would expect. You can hear everything just fine, including the bass. They certainly got the money and equipment to make a well produced album, which is also the problem in a way. The album itself feels way too safe and secure you know. Deep down in there, in the album, there’s an album that’s waiting to just explode out, and mutilate you and rip out your entrails and piss over your rotting body. There’s literally no anger, aggressing, or any real emotion being given off the album. Even the vocals by Fisher seem hollow.

Everything about this album is so predictable is rather embarrassing. Evisceration Plague is basically a cardboard cutout of Kill. Kill was a cardboard cutout of The Wretched Spawn. Do you see what I’m getting at here? Here is my overall opinion of Cannibal Corpse; they are a band that has released one song in their career twice. One song with Chris Barnes on vocals, and a remake of that song with George Fisher on vocals. Out of their twenty-some years as a band, out of all their albums, I can only tell apart (insert any Barnes album here) and (insert any Fisher album here) and the only thing I can say about it is that the Fisher album is better because the vocals don’t suck.

I only grade this album out of musicianship. Creativity this band fails. It’s a rather boring album, it won’t draw in any new fans, and even actual Cannibal Corpse fans might find it boring.