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"Kill" Again But Not In A Good Way - 54%

grain_silo, July 20th, 2011

When “Evisceration Plague” came out, I was pretty excited. I was hoping maybe they still had some of the old style Cannibal Corpse in them. But oh man, was I wrong. What I have here are blast beats and pretty average riffs.

Cannibal Corpse basically released “Kill” for the second time with a lot of the good stuff gone. “Kill” was actually pretty good. This is just flat out boring. The production is pretty much the exact same as “Kill” which adds to the stale sound that is being created on this remake. The guitars are not very heavy at all and sound pretty thin. The bass is much too quiet. Which sucks because I love hearing Alex Webster play. The drums sound good. Nothing about of the drums is bad but I would like some different production every now and then.

Now the music itself is just flat out boring. After two or three songs I can’t stomach this anymore. They all consist of the fast all over the place riff and a slow downed part. Which all start to run together eventually. Not much writing going on here. Some of the songs have pretty heavy riffs, (“To Decompose”). This being said, most of the heavy riffs seem to sound the SAME. I really wish they would go back to their old style of writing like “Tomb of the Mutilated”. George does a good job on the vocal delivery but once again falls short of Chris Barnes. I AM NOT a Chris Barnes fan boy but I am just stating the fact that I would much rather listen to Chris Barnes’ era Cannibal Corpse. Obliviously George destroys Chris now but old Chris Barnes just served as a better vocalist for Cannibal Corpse. Out of the entire album, I can’t really think of one memorable riff.

This album would be much better if it had some new riffs. Not just the recycled crap they keep doing. The riffs are not memorable, the bass is quiet, and the vocals are decent. I would not recommend this album unless you like boring same-song over and over death metal.

Best tracks – “To Decompose”, “A Cauldron of Hate” is decent…other than that, nothing really.