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Taco bell death metal - 13%

The_Ghoul, March 1st, 2009

I was at taco bell the other day with a couple of my friends who had a severe case of the munchies. I looked at the food they ordered (a whole gaggle of at least 20 items) and I noticed that the food items were the same shit, just rearranged sloppily. They all had fake "mexican-sounding" names that failed to hide that it was all the same slop.

How does this relate to Cannibal Corpse? Simple. Cannibal Corpse haven't done anything innovative in years. Every album appears to merely be a facsimile of the previous album, where all creativity got suffocated in a blood-soaked pile of viscera by the time Gore Obsessed came out. Every time they make a new album, it's the same old riffs rearranged differently with the hope that you, the listener, won't notice. It's the same delivery, over and over again. Sure, the production may be heavy enough so that you could describe this as "bone crushing". But take away that, and you have nothing.

Cannibal Corpse have become a parody of themselves, like many metal bands who simply got too popular for their own good. We all know the five death metallers from Tampa are phoning it in at this point. They've had a nice shuffle of guitarists, but it really makes no difference in the long term; you can't tell Jack Owen apart from Rob Rusay or Rob Barret or Pat O'Brien. The meticulous processing drove out any individuality a long time ago, so what you're really listening to is the latest excretion from the Cannibal Corpse Machine. It grinds out albums every so often, goes on a tour here and there, makes its money, and goes home.

I quit taking them seriously a while ago, consigning them to the status of joke band. In fact, if they'd embrace the (unintentionally?) humourous side of their music a bit more, I would be inclined to give a much higher rating. Unfortunately we have Evisceration Plague, the latest in a series of fundementally indistinguishable efforts.