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Kills Kill! - 90%

TheAdept87, February 10th, 2009

So here we are. It’s the beginning of 2009 and the long-awaited 11th studio album from death metal giants Cannibal Corpse is finally here. Kill received much critical acclaim for it’s “upping the ante” of the technical precision Cannibal is known for, and there is no difference with Evisceration Plague.

The production is thick and solid, and sounds very similar to the way Kill sounded. The guitars seem just a bit more on the crunchier side, which I find allows their impeccable technique to shine further more in the barrage of blasts. The bass tone, as always, is absolutely perfect. Mr. Webster never fails when it comes to making the bass shine in the mix. Paul’s drumming is a little bit more varied than before. I did however expect a different approach from him, because Cannibal stated he was experimenting with his playing, and he did, but it isn’t really all that noticeable. He is now using ddrums (he explains in the making of DVD), which sound a little bit more punchy than his previous drum sound, but overall, it’s pretty much the same sound and performance as his previous efforts.

Now let’s get to the songs. I really admire Cannibal for having songs with their own character and identity. They do not all sound alike, and I believe that this is a result of having the four separate song writers contributing their own songs to the CD. Pat only wrote two songs for this album (To Decompose and Carnivorous Swarm) as opposed to his usual three, but trust me, he packs enough punch in those two songs to knock Kimbo Slice out in 14 seconds! Rob wrote one song, Shatter their Bones, by himself, and Scalding Hail, which he collaborated with Alex Webster. Those songs are more on the catchier and trashier side. They remind me of his work with Malevolent Creation, and they set themselves nicely apart from Pat’s technique-filled compositions. This album also marks the second release with the writing help of Paul. His song, Carrion Sculpted Entity, is simpler and much more drum driven than the others. It’s nothing to special, but is a nice new dynamic to the Cannibal writing force. Alex wrote everything else! He is a Renaissance man of Death Metal!!! His songs are all different from each other, but you can still tell it is his writing style. He is the absolute driving force of this band, and he continues to impress me with everything he plays on.

Sure this album isn’t going to redefine anything in death metal right now, but it’s Cannibal Corpse we are talking about here. They already did their job in the death metal world, so if they can consistently release awesome albums, they should continue to do so. One thing this CD will do is entertain fans of catchy, old-school, brutal death metal. For a band that has been around as long as they have, they have never half-assed any of their releases. Sure you may not like some of their albums, or may prefer older ones, but I honestly believe that it is damn near impossible to say that anything they have done has ever been half assed. So pick this album up and listen for yourself!