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SladeCraven, April 9th, 2009

Cannibal Corpse should really consider a halt in releasing the same album every two years. Nearly everything is the same as Kill save for some really nice guitar solos and general song melody that just wasn't seen on most of their previous work. While guitar solos have never been the main focal point of Cannibal Corpses sound, this album does tend to draw your attention there when they do come up. The songs are generally better on this album that the previous one, Kill, however Im not sure that George's vocals got any better....or come to think of it, got anyTHING different at all really. He continues in his standard barking nature with overtly rhaspy, half-hearted screams as he always does. He isnt bad, mind you, especially for the sound Cannibal Corpse goes for with this album....or every other album he has ever been on for that matter, but he certainly doesn't make the album much better and could easily be replaced.

As for the actual content of the album, it is standard Cannibal Corpse. The thing that overtly saves the album from being Kill 2 is the style in which some of the songs or written. As much as a I hate to say this element could make a band better, they used a bit more of a core-ish approach, particularly on the title track. The guitar tone sounds much lower than the previous work, not to mention the palm muted chuggah chuggah of the entire verse cycle up until the little guitar effects that can found directly following the first chorus. While this would normally be a bit frowned upon for a band to do, this element actually makes for a very nice break from Cannibal Corpse's tendancy to change tempo and rhythm rapidly far too much as they love to do.

One of my favorite things about this album is actually how George makes obvious vocal rhymes and stays directly on beat for the most part. This can be found quite nicely, once again, in the title track. The drumming over all is quite frankly about as "meh" as usual. It isnt the most god awul drums that can be found on a modern death metal album ever, but it certainly is yet again nothing that makes the album any better.

Once again, in Jack Owen's absense, we are given Rob Barret. While his work on both Kill and this album certainly arent anything to write home about, he really does a fine job considering he replaced the only creative member of the band other than Alex. As I said before, the guitar tone seems much lower and more bass driven than any of their previous work.

Now for my biggest complaint with this album, as for ALL Cannibal Corpse albums really, it gets to be so incredibly BORING. Song after song of "growl growl growl scrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeam!!!!!!!" chuggah chuggah chuggah *really slow blast beat* chuggah chuggah. I mean, after about three songs of that, enough is just enough. For the life of me I cannot understand how any band can sit down and write so many songs that just painfully run together, one right after the other.

On the whole, this album really isnt a must have for anyone who happens to just "like" Cannibal Corpse as it is EXTREMELY similar to Kill, and gets quite old fast, but I would definately say to all people who consider themselves Cannibal Corpse fans, just go ahead and check it out. It won't make or break your day, but it very well may bore you to tears. Do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this album.