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Endless Horror Movie Sequels in Song Format - 60%

Shirt_Guy, February 23rd, 2009

I happen to have every Cannibal Corpse album with George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, which comes up to seven if you include the “Worm Infested” EP, which is whole lot of Cannibal Corpse! With so many albums, I’ve basically made a special “Cannibal Corpse” mix with my favourite songs, which I consider to be some of the best songs, catchiest songs or most notable songs due to the band trying something a bit different. Most people have also gotten to the point where they don’t expect anything greatly creative about Cannibal Corpse, which can pretty rough for a music reviewer. As it stands, I do think that the previous Cannibal Corpse album, “Kill” was great, as it had a lot of catchy hooks, there were two songs which were very notable for something different (such as the simple tread-along of “Death Walking Terror”, and the instrumental “Infinite Misery”.

As many times as I played “Evisceration Plague”, I tried, but simply couldn’t get into the album. Not one song seemed special, or featured a catchy hook, and features staples the band have used for a long time now. The chug-along technical riffs, slught tempo jumps that aren’t quite grindcore style tempo jumps, supported often by one-two drumming and signature bomb-blast beats. To be honest, Cannibal Corpse isn’t the most emotional band or raw band, so technical execution usually takes a front seat. The production is nearly picture perfect (although sometimes I hear that snare drum over everything else), merged with the super-tight played and vocals makes the recording a bit robotic. Taking all the modern personality that Cannibal Corpse have made standard along with the same production as the last album has made “Evisceration Plague” into “Kill” part 2. It’s like they simply mixed and matched song portions from “Kill” to make “Evisceration Plague”.

I’m sure long time Cannibal Corpse fans won’t be disappointed, though “Evisceration Plague” probably won’t pull in as many new fans as they did with “Kill”, “The Bleeding” or “Vile”.

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