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More of the Same - 85%

MetalStrikesDown, February 3rd, 2009

It’s more brutal, fast, high intensity, more of the same. What should one expect while listening to Evisceration Plague? Your really should expect nothing different, if you were looking for Kill II this is exactly what you will get to an extent. There is something missing inside this album for me, the album showcases the sound that was formulated when Corpsegrinder arrived in the band, but there is just something missing. It took me a while, actually about the 5th listen, to realize that even though the album is good there is no hook that really grabs me and says “this album fucking slays babies!” That is one thing that Kill II did to a listener. I honestly do hate comparing albums of a band to each other, but with the success and sound of Kill II there really is nothing else to do.

Every musician is in their top form. With the exception that they failed to write a catchy song, I am not looking for another Hammer Smashed Face or Stripped, Raped, and Strangled catchy, just something that will stick in your mind and make you want to scream along. The only song I can really say that does this is Priests of Sodom for me; it honestly reminds me of Make Them Suffer. It basically sounds the same except for the lyrics.

One highlight that is worth mentioning are the solos, there is a bit more added to the album with these. The solos are one of the few things that really catch while I listen. The other obvious element that sticks out is the brutality; it seems to be upped on this album. Every song is shredding and pounding your face away, but the problem is they all sound the same. This is sounds funny, well because nearly all Cannibal Corpse songs do sound the same because they made and perfected their own sound. This is one of the few times where I think a band should stretch their abilities and their sound to see what they can do.

With all my bitching about what I don’t like about the album, it definitely warrants multiple listens. I hope it grows on me and I think it will. The hook isn’t there for me, but the songwriting really is and the perfection of their sound. With the extra intensity the band exemplifies what they are all about and show that their career is not finished.

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