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Never Sick Of Human Flesh - 80%

Fulvio_Ermete, February 7th, 2009

How many bands can boast of such a curriculum vitae as Cannibal Corpse? Not only in extreme fields, but also in the metal scene in general.

I don't know how many else succeeded to match such a discographic production (11 studio albums, with this) with such a high average quality, and especially without ever changing that much.

Originality, yeah, the hurting point in the band that has always earned a lot of critics to them; and even me, who don't appreciate the static groups too much, must bow down to the fact they're all but boring. That because their style is not simple or linear, their tracks are carefully written around sudden tempo changes, complex guitar scores, deviated whispering melodies, straight attacks and broken rhythms.

"Evisceration Plague" is the ideal continuation to "Kill", and that for the line-up (with Rob Barret back to the ranks), for the cover artwork (once again crimson painted and not obscene), and for the style: the tracks are more straight and melodic as tendency, a bit in the vein of the very nice "Gallery Of Suicide", with the drums who grind the assault leaving the tireless guitars the task to change shape and shake ("Scalding Hail", "To Decompose", "Beheading And Burning", "Carnivorous Swarm").

Other songs repeat the syncopated hiccup-like walking of most of their greatest pieces ("Skewered From Ear To Eye", "Shatter Their Bones", "Carrion Sculptured Entity", "Unnatural"), while the most doomish ones are a bit asleep (in "The Wretched Spawn” they were the cream, instead). Once again, viscerally great.

Originally written for Silent Scream